KSBM – MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS-The demand supply gap is reformed by the government

The demand supply gap is reformed by the government



CASE – 1   Power for All: Myth or Reality?

Q1 What are the factors responsible for this excess demand for electricity?

Q2 The demand supply gap is reformed by the government intervention. Explain this phenomenon by a demand supply model.

Q3 What do you think will happen to the price of electricity?

Case2: Pricing Game by a Game Marketer

  1. Do you think games in this case present an exception to law of demand or not? Give logic in support of your answer.

  2. On basis of the case can it be concluded that demand for games was not elastic to price rather some other variables were important? If yes then identify the other variables.

  3. The case presents an interesting dimension to consumers’ behavior. Discuss.

Case 3: Outsourcing to India: Way to Fast Track

  1. As money costs will decrease due to decision to outsource human resource, some real costs and opportunity costs may surface. What could these be?

  1. Elaborate the external and internal economies of scale as occurring to Contract Counsel.

  1. Can you see some possibility of economies of scope from the information given in the case? Discuss.

Case 4:  Indian Stock Market: Does it Explain Perfect Competition?

  1. Is stock market a good example of perfect competition? Discuss.

  2. Identify the characteristics of perfect competition in the stock market setting

  3. Can you find some basic aspect of perfect competition which is essentially absent in stock market?

Case 5: Is it possible to monopolies in the modern network age? A case of Microsoft

  1. Is Microsoft a good example of deadweight loss to its economy?

  2. Do you agree with Jackson or not?

  3. Study the recent industry trends and build your own logic on the probable monopoly power of Microsoft at present.

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