KSBM – Consumer Behaviour 3 – Do marketers have the freedom to reposition a brand? – What strategies would you recommend to change consumer’s attitude towards the brand?

Do marketers have the freedom

Consumer Behaviour 3


CASE 1: Tudor Fashion

Tudor fashions is a four -decade old company .Its two major product lines are footwear and ready -to- wear garments . It was nearly 10am and the company CEO, Prashant Gupta, decided to take a walk in the Connaught place area to observe people in general and office goers in particular, before going to his office on Barakhamba Road .His idea was to have a first – hand feeling of consumer response to the Tudor shoes and observe in general the footwear habit of urban Indians. He parked his car and walked purposefully.

Q1. What kind of information was the basis for the CEO’s Decision about Tudor shoes?

Q2. Analyze the pros and cons of prashant’s decision about Tudor.

Q3. Suggest an approach which in your view might have been successful in changing consumer’s perceptions and attitudes about Tudor shoes.

Q4. You are marketing communication consultant. Suggest an ad campaign to help Tudor establish a premium image for its shoes.

Case 2 :Burnol

Q1. Do marketers have the freedom to reposition a brand? Or can a brand develop a life of its own in the consumer’s mind -and grow so strong as to become intractable?

Q2. Burnol is available in yellow tube. This burns – relief ointment has been around for six decades – long enough to become generic to the usage category.

a) Analyze the case and identify the significant issue.

b) What is the consumer’s involvement in such a product category?

c) What strategies would you recommend to change consumer’s attitude towards the brand?

d) Why have attempts to reposition the brand failed? Has it anything to do with consumer’s attitudes or appropriateness of communication messages?

Case 3 :Tattoos and Extended Self

Most product and services associated with extended self and physically separated from the physically self. Until recently, exceptions were limited primarily to hairstyles and coloring and cosmetics. One could also alter the physical self through excersise, diet, weight training and plastic surgery. In recent years, body piercling and tattooing have become additional ways to alter both the extended self and the physical self. Tattooing is unique (expect for plastic surgery) in that it is a relatively unalterable change to physical self. It can be done primarily for adornment or beauty enhancement reasons. Or, it conserve primarily as public or private symbol.

a) What is the significance of acquiring a tattoo in India? Are tattoos considered a way of making a personality statement

b) Contact two educated persons who wear a tattoo (just not the name).Interview them to find out what does it mean to them?

c) Interview three of your friends. Find out about their self- concepts and what kind of tattoo would they like to have.

Case 4 : Galaxy Appliances Ltd.

The meeting was being held at the top floor of the head office of Galaxy Appliances Ltd. As members started coming out for lunch, they all were talking with each other. When the lunch was over and all the members assembled back, the excitement and optimism in the room was visible to everybody.

The members present in the conference room including the top management team comprising of vice president marketing, general managers marketing of various zones, sales managers along with the regional and district managers from all over the country. The general managers, after their three meetings, had developed a detailed programme for the two new products launched by the company and the entire team was very impressed.

a) In a traditional society, what factors will influence the buyer Behaviours?

b) What is likely to be the level of consumer involvement, and what advertising message and media will you recommend? Give your reasons.

Case 5 : Purchase of a Microwave Oven

Ramesh Sikand and his family lived a comfortable two- bedroom flat in a respectable locality in a large city. He was employed with a gen decision it was to buy a microwave and when was the purchase decision made.

b) What factors influenced the purchase of the microwave?

c) What is likely to be the post-purchase behavior in this case and what is the significance of such behavior?

d) What is the significance of post-purchase behavior for the marketer?



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