MBA ISBM CASE STUDY ANSWER SHEETS – What should Jensen do about Don Henry

What should Jensen do about Don Henry

What should Jensen do about Don Henry

Principles and Practice of Management

CASE STUDY (20 Marks)

Bob Jensen is the chief engineer of State Electric and Power, a large utility company. State, a progressive company, had been conducting research for several years in a search for more effective ways to produce electricity. Most of the plants used either oil or natural gas to develop energy, and it was obvious that the other sources had to be explored. Jensen had been with State Electric for 30 years, and he was considered an excellent, innovative engineer who was very conservative in his relationships with peers,

superiors, and subordinates. During the last three years he served on the company’s research committee which monitored both the research efforts and the budget needed to support them. Among the projects being studied were solar energy, methane gas derived

from garbage and other vegetable waste such as corn stalks and nuclear energy. The most promising possibility seemed to be nuclear fuel. Many other utilities were using it and they appeared to have few problems with its use. Records of other plants around the

country were checked, and after considerable deliberation top management decided to go ahead and file for a permit with the public utility commission (PUC). Jensen was asked to assemble an engineering team to work on the project, and he turned to his brightest people, all of whom he believed would jump at the chance to work on the project. He was right about the first four he spoke to.When he asked Don Henry, a brilliant young engineer, he was met with a cold stare. “If this company wants to go nuclear, I’m not going to help it” :What’s more, I’II testify against the permit at the PUC hearing”.

Answer the following question.

Q1. What should Jensen do about Don Henry?

Q2. If an employee is unhappy with his company’s plans should he do more than quit?

Q3. To what extent is Don Henry being unreasonable? Explain.

Q4. What might his future be? Explain.

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