Total Quality Management-Which of the gurus would be the father of quality control? Which had the greatest impact on management? Which is noted for robust design?Q2. Write

Which of the gurus would be the father

 Total Quality Management



Q1. Which of the gurus would be the father of quality control? Which had the greatest impact on management? Which is noted for robust design?

Q2. Write your personal philosophy or creed?

Q3. List and explain the six most important factors that influence consumer purchases?

Q4. What conditions are necessary for empowerment?

Q5. Describe how empowerment, work groups, and multifunctional teams would or would not affect the five types of problems?

Q6. Working as an individual or in a team of two or three people, develop a supplier selection plan for one of the organizations.

Q7. Working in a team of three or more people, what performance measures would you recommend for the following organizations?

a) Large bank

b) Health-care facility

c) University academic department

d) University nonacademic department

e) Large department store

f) Grade School

g) Manufacturing facility

h) Large grocery store

Q8. What is a critical success factor? How is it important in benchmarking?

Q9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless communication?

Q10. What can be accomplished by the addition of a third party registering a quality system?

Q11. Visit an organization in your community and determine if their accident and emergency preparedness plan meets the ISO 14001 criteria.

Q12. Briefly describe the difference between sequential engineering and quality by design (or concurrent) engineering.

Q13. Devise a compensation plan for injured users where the product defect manifests itself in the second or third generation, such as when a man or woman takes a prescribed drug that injures their future children.

Q14. Form a project team of six or seven people, elect a leader, and construct a cause-and-effect diagram for bad coffee from a 22 cup coffee maker used in the office.

Q15. Formulate a full factorial experiment to determine what factors affect the retention rate in college. Identify four factors each at two levels that you feel influence retention rate. For example, one factor could be external work with two levels, 20 and 40 hours per week.

Q16. Given three two-level factors and three suspected two – factor interactions; determine the degrees of freedom and the OA.



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