Supply Chain Management – What are the issues of 3PL implementation issues

What are the issues of 3PL implementation issues

Supply Chain Management


  1. What are the issues of 3PL implementation issues?
  2. Write a note on supply chain performance measures?
  3. Discuss simulation models and optimization techniques?
  4. What is importance of business processes?
  5. Discuss managerial insights on the value of centralized information?
  6. Write a difficulty with the traditional beer game?
  7. Distinguish centralized and decentralized systems?
  8. Write a short note in Inventory ownership in RSP?


What are the issues of 3PL implementation issues



  1. a) Explain the push/pull view of supply chain.
  2. b) Explain, what is the competitive strategy of supply chain.
  3. c) Discuss the goal of Supply Chain.
  4. d) Describe the major obstacle that must be overcome to successfully manage a supply chain.

Q2) a) Identify the major drivers of supply chain performance and discuss the role of each driver in creating strategic fit between the supply chain strategy and the competitive strategy.

  1. b) Evaluate the strengths and weakness of different modes of transportation

Q3) Attempt any three of the following

  1. a) List the various view of supply chain and discuss one of them.
  2. b) Describe how the company achieves strategic fit between its supply chain strategy and competitive strategy.
  3. c) Discuss the impact of replenishment policies on supply chain on safety inventory.
  4. d) Discuss the role of distribution in the supply chain.

Q4) Write the short note on any five of the following.

  1. a) Role of transportation in supply chain
  2. b) Role of sourcing in supply chain.
  3. c) Safety inventory management in Supply chain
  4. d) Coordination in supply chain.
  5. e) Role of Information technology in Supply chain.


What are the issues of 3PL implementation issues



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What are the issues of 3PL implementation issues