Retail Management-What are the advantages and disadvantages from the buyer’s and seller’s perspectives of purchasing merchandise through Internet auctions like eBay?

What are the advantages and disadvantages

 Retail Management



Q1. What are the advantages and disadvantages from the buyer’s and seller’s perspectives of purchasing merchandise through Internet auctions like eBay?

Q2. Will a significant amount of retail sales be made through Internet auctions like eBay in the future? Why or why not?

Q3. What are eBay’s competitive advantages? Will it be able to withstand the competition from other auction sites like Yahoo! And Amazon’s auctions?

Q4. What prices caused Courtney’s charge?

Q5. Which price would result in the highest profit?

Q6. What other factors should Courtney’s consider?

Q7. What price would you charge, and how many units would you order?

a) Knowing that the company wants a mixed-media ad campaign to support this event, prepare an ad plan for the general merchandise manager that costs no more than $40,000?

b) Work out the daily scheduling of all advertising?

c) Work out the dollars to be devoted to each medium?

d) Justify your plan?

Q8. What are the pros and cons of Enterprise’s human resource management strategy?

Q9. Would you want to work for Enterprise? Why or why not?

Q10. How does its human resource strategy complement the quality of customer service delivered by its representatives?

Q11. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various alternatives Ruth Diamond is considering?

Q12. Do you nave any other suggestions for improving the store’s sales?

Q13. What would you recommend? Why?

Q14. What is the best way for the Home Depot to continue to grow?

Q15. Can Home Depot maintains its current market position with its new policies and increasing competition?

Q16. Will more efficient operations and increased centralization be effective in streamlining Home Depot’ business?

Q17. How might the shifts in corporate culture affect executives, management, and associates?

Q18. Can this type of advertising campaign improve Wal-Mart’s image in the eyes of associates, consumers, investors, and the press?

Q19. What else could Wal-Mart do to improve its reputation?

Q20. Go to Wal-Mart Stores home page at http://www. and click on College Recruiting. Explore what this page has to offer. If a Wal-Mart recruiter came to your campus, would you consider Wal-Mart as an employer? Why or why not?

Q21. What, if any, are the differences in A & F’s and AE retail strategy?

Q22. What are the brand images of A&f and AE? What words and phrases are associated with each retailer’s brand name?

Q23. List other specialty apparel retailers that target the same customers as A&F and AE. How do these brands differentiate themselves in the competitive retail environment? Construct a product positioning map to illustrate.

Q24. Which retailer(s) has (have) the stronger competitive position? Why?


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