PRINCIPLES & PRACTICE OF MANAGEMENT-How would you explain the behaviour of Renu and Mrs. Khan

PRINCIPLES & PRACTICE OF MANAGEMENT                                                


1. Please read the case and answer the questions given at the end.

Ms. Renu had graduated with a degree in foreign languages. As the child of a military family, she had visited many parts of the world and had travelled extensively in Europe. Depsite these broadening exeriences, she had never given much thought to a career until her recent divorce.

Questions :

(a)   What is the problem in your opinion ? Elaborate.

(b)   How would you explain the behaviour of Renu and Mrs. Khan? Did Mrs. Khan handle the situation timely and properly?
(c)   Assume that you are the Personnel Manager. What are the alternatives
available with Mrs.Khan? 

(d)  What do you consider the best alternative? Why?

CASE – 2                                                                                                                  

One afternoon in June 1972, Seth, the industrial engineer of ABC Company, was called to the office of his immediate superior Kapil, the production manager. Kapil said, “Seth. I want to discuss a situation in the production department. A lot of people feel that Joshi is not the right man for the Assistant Superintendent’s position. The President and others have decided that I have got to fire Joshi or at least move him out of production. Everyone wants to fire Joshi, but I won’t do it to him. I was talking with Bhai this morning and we decided that you might be able to make use of Joshi in your department.
(a) What is the core problem in the case? Explain.

(b) Explain Joshi’s behaviour and works experience vis–a–vis the psychologist report.

(c) How do you see Kapil’s suggestion to Seth? Give reasons.

(d) What are Seth’s considerations in taking a decision? What should he do? Explain 

CASE NO  – 3

Health or Work


Mr.Victor is the marketing manager, looking after two sensitive products-Max and Priya (both are luxury soaps) – produced by Hindustan Trading Company. After a service of fifteen years, Mr. Victor now enjoys the second position in the marketing department of his company.

Mr. Victor’s wife works in the government department and they are blessed with two school going sons. Required

What is your advice for Mr. Victor?

CASE – 4                                                                                                                  



Planning is a comprehensive policy in any government or non- government organization  .It implies a policy or set of guidelines which is to be followed by any organization to meet its targets. Planning is a key element in the functioning of any organization. Actually planning is an outcome of the decision making process in any organization. Any organizationhas to run its activities with a fixed financial, technical and human resources. Therefore, it has to set a target for the organization for any period. To achieve the set target or the minimum target goal, a comprehensive set of guidelines or framework is needed which is called Planning.


1 Why has been the operational management called as short term planning?                   

2 Give the Conclusion of the case , in minimum 100 words ?                                     

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