Organizational Behavior- Team leaders and team members need skills to develop effective teams. Is this statement correct or wrong. If there are any skills needed

Team leaders and team members need skills

Organizational Behavior



Q1. What are the arguments for and against layoffs in hard times?

Q2. How have the three executives in this case shown leadership?

Q3. Explain the difference between management and leadership. Discuss why conceptual leadership skills become more important, and technical skills less important, at higher level organizational levels.

Q4. Is the GM’s approach wrong? If yes, then why if no then why not? Give reasons for your answer.

Q5. What would you recommend to the G.M.

Q6. Team leaders and team members need skills to develop effective teams. Is this statement correct or wrong. If there are any skills needed by the team leaders and team members to develop effective teams then discuss them.

Q7. How did the GM distinguish between the two target groups to make his communication effective?

Q8. What is the main advantage of direct face-to-face communication, as against communication through circulars or memos?

Q9. What makes technical communication different from general communication ?

Q10. How important is it to be able to communicate?

Q11. Read the above conversation carefully if you were Vikas, how would you answer all the questions asked by the interviewer. Rewrite the answers, making them more appropriate by changing the language, style, tone, and attitude of the answer.”

Q12. Describe the significance of job interviews today.


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