Investment Analysis Management-Study the financial performance of MRPL

Study the financial performance of MRPL

Investment Analysis Management


Q1. Case 1: MRPL and RPL


  1. Study the financial performance of MRPL and RPL with a view to

Study the reasons behind the contrasting financial results

  1. Analyze the average returns and risk on the shares of MRPL and RPL

During the period 1996-2002

Q2. Case -2 Derivatives Trading in India


1 Discuss on the main objectives and reasons for the introduction of

Derivatives trading in India

  1. Identify the factors that can accelerate/suppress the growth of the

Derivatives market in a country and comment on them.

Q 3. Case 3 – The Apple ITV Project


  1. Estimate the operating income from the proposed iTV investment to

Apple over the next 10 years.

  1. Estimate the after-tax return on capital for the investment over the 10-

year period.

  1. Based upon the after-tax return on capital, would you accept or reject

this project?

(This will require you to make some assumptions about allocation and

expensing. Make your assumptions as consistent as you can and estimate

the return on capital.)

  1. Estimate the after-tax incremental cash flows from the proposed iTV

investment to Apple over the next 10 years.

  1. If the project is terminated at the end of the 10th year, and both

working capital and investment in other assets can be sold for book value

at the end of that year, estimate the net present value of this project to

Apple. Develop a net present value profile and estimate the internal rate

of return for this project.

Q 4 Case -The Fall of Barings Bank


  1. Bring out the reasons that led to the fall of Barings Bank

  2. Analyze extensively through the case the Importance of proper

supervision and control systems in a bank to mitigate risks

Q 5. Read the Problem and answer the questions provided below.

M/s Champak Chemical Company is taking over M/s Grewal

Petrochemical company. The share holders of Grewal would receive 0.8

shares of Champak for each share held by them. The merger is not

expected to yield in economics of scale and operating synergy. The

relevant data for the two companies is as follows:

Nomenclature M/s

Champak M/s Grewal

Net Sales (Rs Crore) 335 118

Profit after Tax (Rs Crore) 58 12

Number of Shares (Crore) 12 03

Earning per share (Rs) — 4.83 4.00

Market Value per Share 30 20

Price earning Ratio 6.21 5.00

You are required to calculate

(a) EPS

(b) P/E Ratio

(c) Market value per share

(d) Number of Share

(e) Total Market Capitalisation for the combined company after


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Study the financial performance of MRPL

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Study the financial performance of MRPL

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Study the financial performance of MRPL