International Management-Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various forms of departmentalization?Discuss the major conflicts that arise between the home country

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages

International Management


Questions :

Zhuhai of Shanghai

Q1. Discuss the typicalities of Chinese Industrial system vis-à-vis the Western/global Industrial system.

Q2. Where does the Chinese system fault?

Q3. Is over production and mis-match in marketing leads to poor prices of Chinese products in the International market?

Q4. If you are offered, views as a top consultant, what would you like to suggest the Chinese Government And industry. Give your reasons.

 Case-2 (20 Marks)

Toyota Comes to Georgetown

Q1. What is the difference between American production policy and Japanese production policy?

Q2. Where the Japanese Excel?

Q3. In quality control of Toyota what do you observe?

Q4. Can Japanese, be really leader in auto production and marketing, all over the world? Justify your moves.

Group B

Case -3 (10 Marks)

How to Win at Westinghouse

Q1. Describe the ways in which international business has an impact on your life.

Q2.  Pick an Indian corporation with which you are familiar and analyse the reasons why it might be motivated to expand its internationalism.

Q3. What sorts of adjustments might McDonald’s have to make in its operations in India?

Q4. What do you believe India must do to improve its international competitiveness?

Q5. How do you perceive your managerial career will have an impact by the phenomenon of international business?

 Case-4 (10 Marks)

Doing Business with the East—Motorola Style

Q1. Describe some recent changes in your life or in your community that reflects the world’s shift from the West to the East.

Q2. What factors would you suggest are behind the shift from the West to the East?

Q3. Did Japanese management style evolve from the Japanese culture, or did Japanese culture evolve from Japanese management style?

Q4. Describe the business-government ties that result in Japanese trade barriers.

Q5. Which of the Four Tigers of Asia do you believe has the greatest potential for long-term economic growth? Why?

Q6. What must China do to realise the magnitude of economic success earned by the Japanese?

Q7. Outside of Singapore, which of the other ASEAN nations holds potential for economic success? Why?

 Case -5 (10 Marks)

Winning with Bureaucracy at McDonald’s

 (any 5)

Q1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various forms of departmentalization?

Q2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of a bureaucratic organisation?

Q3. How does downsizing make firms more competitive in the global arena?

Q4. Compare and contrast bureaucratic control with clan control. Which is better?

Q5. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of budgeting?

Q6. How can a manager make control systems more effective?


Political Risk Assessment and Euro Disney

Q1. Describe the major conflicts that arise between the host country and the MNC.

Q2. Discuss the major conflicts that arise between the home country and the MNC.

Q3. What role does ideology play in the manifestation of political risk?

Q4. Evaluate both the good and bad features of international law as it impacts international business.

Q5. Speculate the main reasons behind the various forms of host country intervention?

Q6. Give recent examples of international situations in which MNCs have been at severe risk due to host Country Instability?

Q7. Review the various forms of protection from political risk that are available to MNCs?



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