International Business 2 – What was the critical catalyst that led Kodak to start taking the Japanese market seriously?List three differences between Company , Multi National company

What was the critical catalyst

 International Business 2



Q1. What was the critical catalyst that led Kodak to start taking the Japanese market seriously?

Q2. From the evidence given in the case do you think Kodak’s charges of unfair trading practices against Fuji are valid? Support your answer.

Q3. Which company is truly Multinational ? Why?

Q4. List three differences between Company , Multi National company and Trans Multi National Company ?

Q5. Explain why MNCs have located R & D centres in developing countries?

Q6. Mention the areas where R & D activities can easily be decentralised.

VK Ltd a multi-product Company, furnishes you the following data relating to the year 2000.

First Half of the year            Second Half of the year

Sales                                        Rs. 45,000                               Rs. 50,000

Total Cost                                 Rs. 40,000                               Rs. 43,000

Assuming that there is no change in prices and variable costs and that the fixed expenses are incurred equally in the two half years periods calculate for the year 2000.

a) The Profit Volume ration

b) Fixed Expenses

c) Break-Even Sales

d) Percentage of margin of safety.



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