Human Resource Management- Explain in your own words what empowerment means to You. Also discuss “A worker is a worker, a Manager a Manager and never Discuss the purpose

Explain in your own words

Human Resource Management



Case –1 ( 20 Marks)

Q1. If you were the programmer, would you want to work at Microsoft? Why or Why not?

Q2. How many activities in this case can you tie into specific motivation theories? List the activities; list the motivation theories, and how they apply.

Q3. As Microsoft continues to get larger and its growth rate flattens do you think Management will have to modify any of its motivation practices? Elaborate.

Q4. Can money act as a motivator? Explain.

Case-2 (20Marks)

Q1. What should Atlantic Mutual Management do, if anything, to cope with the aftereffects of 9/11?

Q2. How long would You expect employees to be adversely affected by 9/11 if a company provides no formal assistance for dealing with anger and stress?

Q3. What, if anything, should Management do about employees who appear to be suffering from such kind or trauma and stress, but will neither admit it nor accept help from their employee?

Q4. Outline the role of HR specialist in providing a safe and healthy environment for employees.

Case – 3 (20 Marks)

Q1. Do you think the company has any orientation programme? If yes, discuss its effectiveness.

Q2. If employees were properly selected, there should be no need for an orientation programme”. Comment on the statement.

Q3. If You were Patil, how would you react to the above situation?

Q4. Discuss the purpose of orientation. What are various requisites of an effective programme?

Case- 4 (20Marks)

Q1. According to You, why did the Bs1110 Scheme succeed and the TQM Scheme failed in ABC engineering? Define the term “workers” participation in management. Bring out the prerequisites for its success.

Q2. Explain in your own words what empowerment means to You. Also discuss “A worker is a worker, a Manager a Manager and never the two shall meet.” Do You agree? Why?

Q3. What suggestions would You give to a similar company who were thinking of introducing Total Quality Management to make it a success?



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