Export Management-Describe the theory of international trade and commercial policy

Describe the theory of international trade and commercial policy

Export Management

Q1) Describe the theory of international trade and commercial policy (5 Marks)

Q2) Explain the below term’s of trade in brief. (5 Marks)
a) Barriers
b) Strategic
c) Traffics
d) Subsides

Q3) Explain the Pro’s and con’s of export and free trade? (5 Marks)

Q4) Give a short note on Export Promotion ? Explain the following ? (5 Marks)
1. Print Media (Export Directories, Journals, Magazines etc.)
2. Electronic Media (TV. Radio, etc.)
3. Internet (Search Engines, Business Directories)
4. Other Media (Trade Fairs)

Q5) Give a short note on targeted trade barriers? (5 Marks)

Q6) Describe Service barriers that regulate international (5 Marks)
data flow and foreign data processing?

Q7) Explain Lack of intellectual property protection? (5 Marks)

Q8) Describe import policies such as tariffs, quantitative restrictions, (5 Marks)
import licensing, and customs barriers ?

Q9) Brief Testing, labeling, and certification with an unnecessarily (5 Marks)
restrictive application of standards

Q10) What are Export subsidies that offer export financing on (5 Marks)
preferential terms and displace U.S. exports in third-country markets?

Q11) Write about the Impact to the economy of a country with (5 Marks)
the tariff imposed on it?

Q12) what is Export Control Classification Number? (5 Marks)

Q13) Give a short note on managing Export Controls contact list? (5 Marks)

Q14) what are Export subsidies (trade promotion)? (5 Marks)

Q15) Describe India’s export trade with the help of the following points? (10 Marks)
a) Historical perspective.
b) Trends
c) Composition of exports
d) Traditional and non-traditional exports
e) Direction of export trade
f) Principle products of export
g) Services
h) Tourism
i) Software and I.T enabled services

Q16) Explain in brief India’s export potential . (Marks 10)
With the help of following points?
a) Categories of export
b) India’s export potential by 2020
c) Export potential in agricultural products, processed foods, marine products, textiles, gem & Jewellery, leather.
d) BPO
Q17) Explain International marketing with the help of following points?
a) Marketing Process
b) International Trade
c) Marketing strategy/Plan
d) New product planning for export marketers
e) Needs and importance
f) Designing products for export
g) Product positioning in overseas market
h) Concept of marketing mix
i) Agent, selection and appointment


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