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CASE – 1 (20 Marks)

Having read the case above, advice the company as a Training Consultant.

CASE – 2 (20 marks)

Q1.  Do you agree with the views of the CEO of K. K. Steel company? Give reasons for your answer.

Q2.  If K. K. Steel company will stop conducting needs assessment process then what, according to you, can be short term and long term effects on the company?

Q3. What are the objectives of needs assessment.

Q4. Discuss the importance / benefits of identification of training and development  needs.

Q5. What is your advice to Mr Singhania, CEO of K. K. Steel and Company.

CASE – 3 (20 marks)

Q1. What should Rahul Khann do?

Q2. Why, according to you, Rahul thought that he should have asked Pankaj to personally inaugurate the training session?

Q3. What according to you are the aims of training?

Q4. According to you, what are the important abilities that an ideal trainer must possess?

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CASE – 4 (20 marks)

Q1. How, according to you, Toshiba’s involvement of all its employees in career management will benefit the company.

Q2. Why do you think is career management important?

Q3. Do you think career management at Toshiba will keep in career motivation? If yes, then why? If no, then why not? Give reasons for your answer.

Q4.Who all share the responsibility of career planning?

Q5. What are the possible risks for companies who help employees plan their careers?




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