Business Ethics – Joan, an employee of Great American Market, was warned about her excessive absenteeism several times, both verbally and in writing.

Joan, an employee of Great American

Business Ethics


CASE 1: (20 Marks)

Joan, an employee of Great American Market, was warned about her excessive absenteeism several times, both verbally and in writing. The written warning included notice that “further violations will result in disciplinary actions,” including suspension or discharge.


a) Was the suspension fair?

b) Did Joan act responsibly?

c) Should she be fired?

CASE 2: (20 Marks)

You own a cement company, and deal with most the local contractors for cement, sand, etc. You have a reputation of high quality products, and for good customer service with your customers. Your foreman has just run the standard quality control tests you have performed regularly on your products. When the test results are ready, you discover that the new batch of product is 9% less durable than your usual material


a)Should you tell your customers?

b) Should you discount the price?

c) Should you tell your employees, so they will be knowledgeable with the customers?

d) Would you use this cement on foundations for your own house?

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CASE 3: (20 Marks)

Fred, a 17-year employee with Sam’s Sauna, was fired for poor job performance and poor attendance,after accruing five disciplinary penalties within a 12-month period under the company’s progressive disciplinary policy. A week later, Fred told his former supervisor that he had a substance abuse problem.


a) Should Fred be reinstated?

b) Was the company fair to Fred in helping him receive treatment?

c) Did the personnel director behave ethically toward Fred?

d) Did he act ethically for his company?

e) Would it be fair to other employees to reinstate Fred?

CASE 4: (20 Marks)

In January of last year, the S.S. Vulgass, an oil tanker of the Big Dirty Oil Company ran around in the area just north of Vancouver, spilling millions of gallons of crude into the waters and onto the beaches of British Columbia and southern Alaska. The damage to the beaches and wildlife and consequently to the tourist industry, the ecology and the quality of life of the local residents is incalculable, but in any case will require many millions of dollars for even the most minimal clean-up.


a) The question is, who is responsible?

b) Against whom should criminal charges be leveled?

c) What should be done, if anything, to punish the corporation itself?

d) What about the CEO?


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