Business Environment – From Bhopal Tragedy, what an industrial manager learns? What safety procedures are to be followed. Study the case deeply and state

From Bhopal Tragedy, what an industrial

Business Environment



Q1. Imagine that you are in-charge of a major chemical plant, manufacturing points. At present, the general awareness about the mandatory requirements for chemical industry is very low. Even if the compliance record is maintained, it is not disclosed to all employees. (25 marks)

i) What are the activities that are critical to the company’s environmental management certification?

ii) List the activities which have potential environmental impacts in a pint industry.

iii) List the legal requirements.

iv) Is there a trade related issue involved in this case

v) Explain, how your company can prepare itself towards certification.


Q2. XYZ company is an equal opportunity employer. XYZ Co has always upheld the spirits of freedom, human welfare, fair practices and fair treatment to all employees. It has the image of a socially responsible company in India. XYZ Co., has never involved itself in any study deals, even if it could bring good profits. (15 Marks)

Please answer the following questions :

i) Should XYZ Co take up the assignment?

ii) How can XYZ Co maintain business viability and growth without compromising on basic rights and values enshrined? In the mission statement of the company?

iii) What alterations may be sought in the agreement and why?


Q3. On the night of December 23, 1983 a dangerous chemical reation occurred in the UnionCarbide factory in Bhopal, when a large amount of water got into the MIC i.e. Methyl Isocyanatestorage tank. When the leak was detected by workers at 11.30 pm, their eyes began to tear and burn. The rest is history. About 40 tons of MIC poured out of the tank for nearly 2 hours and escaped into air, spreading within 8 km down wind, About 4000 people were killed in sleep or as they fled in terror, hundreds of thousands were injured or effected the victims who were almost entirely the poorest members of the population. The poisonous gas, caused death and left the survivors with

Questions :

i) From Bhopal Tragedy, what an industrial manager learns? What safety procedures are to be followed. Study the case deeply and state what were the defects of MIL unit. In view of this case, prepare a disaster management plan, which could cover be useful to a chemical company. (10 Marks)

Q4. i) List the methods of waste management in the order of preference. (5 Marks)

ii) What are the advantages of solid waste incernaton? (5 Marks)

iii) Define hazardous waste (5 Marks)

iv) List the legal provisions in the Environment Protection Act pertaining to hazardous waste(5 Marks)

Q5.i) Discuss the role of CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) in the pollution control activities in India. (2 Marks)

ii) Mention the salient points of the 3 Acts : (2 Marks)

a. The Air (prevention and control of pollution) Act 1981

b.The Water (prevention and control of pollution) Act 1974

c.The Environment (Protection) Act 1986

iii) Explain the very elements of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) – different types of Impact Assessments – the benefits of EIA – The EIA process, key points to remember while conducting an effective EIA. (2 Marks)

iv) Compare and contrast “polluter pays principle” with “beneficiary pays principle”. (2 Marks)

v) What are the tenets of Risk management – explain the steps involved through a chart.(2Marks)


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