Brand Management – Analyse the market research presented in the case to determine if the research was conducted with right objectives in mind. Should they have arranged

Analyse the market research

Brand Management



Old Spice has been a global brand of cosmetics for men. Their range includes, after-shave lotion, lather shaving cream, talcum powder, shampoos and hair cream. In India the first and most successful product launched was after-shave lotion.

a) Make an alternative advertising plans for Old Spice. Has the advertising helped the brand to gain grounds in India? Please give your comments.


a) Please attempt restructure the firm’s brand objective and then build their marketing strategy with focus on their brand.


Looking at the case, what advise would you offer to the Sarins on the following points:

a. Have Sarins taken care to use the brand value in their sales efforts?

b. Should they trim the product range?

c. Should they increase production by adding more people and if yes, where and how will they sell the additional production?

d. Are they missing out on any of the marketing mix factors? Please explain how they can improve their operations.

e. Plan an advertising campaign for the range of products, assuming the benefits they would provide to the users


Select the market segment; build the buyer’s profile and process of purchase decision, actual purchase action. Plan out advertising media, promotional plans for Silky. How should Silky go about building its brand identity and brand equity? Where should it be positioned the market place and why? Do you think the brand name is right for the product? Discuss and suggest alternate brand names wit our reasons for the same?

Analyse the market research presented in the case to determine if the research was conducted with right objectives in mind. Should they have arranged for more than one research with separate objectives to make them exhaustive, to the point and useful?


1. Discuss if the company has done enough to build its brand name. If it has not, then suggest ways of building brand image?

2. Describe the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. How can you relate the needs with consumer behaviour?

3. Is it necessary to segment the market? If yes, then give four important criteria with which the segmentation is done?

4. Discuss the user based segmentation with examples?

5. How does the innovative product penetration take place in the market? What pitfalls it has to surmount?

6. ‘It is important to understand the socio-cultural ethos of your market segment.’ Discuss?

CASE 6 : (14 Marks) COMPUTERS LTD (CL)

Discuss if the company could have avoided the price war by promoting its brand?


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