Indian Power Sector- What are the few other issues which confront the developers particularly at the time of finalizing the Power Purchase Agreement Explain Revised Mega Power

What are the few other issues which confront

Indian Power Sector


Multiple Choices:

Q1. NTPC has placed appropriate emphasis on the quality aspects in

a. Project Management

b. Maintenance specialist

c. Forecasting

d. CRM

Q2. Out of the following which one is NOT under Maintenance objectives

a. To maximize plant availability & reliability

b. To optimize maintenance cost.

c. To create safety in work, equipment & environment

d. Management of large size power stations.

Q3. Import of capital equipment would be free from

a. Income Tax

b. Custom duty

c. Sales tax

d. None

Q4. Which sector is one of the largest users of gas in India

a. Telecom

b. Thermal power

c. Power

d. Energy

Q5. ____________ is the largest private sector Vertically Integrated Power Utility in the electricity distribution field in India.


b. BTL

c. BTC


Q6. The government of India has set up a ______________ under the Chairmanship of the Union Minister of Power with members from the Ministry of Power, Finance, Coal, Environment, Railway Board, CEA at the level of secretary to the government

a. Crisis Resolution Group (CRG)

b. CEA

c. PTC

d. None

Q7. LNG stands for ___________________.

Q8. VCP stands for ___________________.

Q9. KESC stands for __________________.

Q10. WAPDA stands for ________________.

Part Two:

Q1. Give the new policy initiatives which have been taken by the government of India in the recent past.

Q2. What are the few other issues which confront the developers particularly at the time of finalizing the Power Purchase Agreement?

Q3. What is Board Organization Structure of the Power Industry?

Q4. Write a short note on Tata Electric Company.

Q5. What recommendations would you offer to BRDC? Why?

Q6. Do you think by giving market research data in ‘project profiles’, the working of BRDC would show any improvements? Why?

Q7. Describe how the life of workers get effected by working for a long time in Power Companies

Q8. What recommendations would you suggest to the worker who wants to give the resignation in the above case? Why?

Q9. Explain Revised Mega Power Project Policy and give the important features of this policy.

Q10. Give the response of major concerns and future Outlook of the Indian Private Power Policy which was introduced in October 1991.

Q11. State the Inadequacies & Limitations of the State Electricity Board (SEBs) of Indian Electricity Industry.



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