Information Technology Management- In what ways is the Wi-Fi technology changing the life of Dartmouth students? Relate your answer to the concept of the digital society.Q2. Some say that

In what ways is the Wi-Fi technology

Information Technology Management



Q1. In what ways is the Wi-Fi technology changing the life of Dartmouth students? Relate your answer to the concept of the digital society.

Q2. Some say that the wireless system will become part of the background of everybody’s life—that the mobile devices are just an afterthought. Explain.

Q3. Is the system contributing to improved learning, or just adding entertainment that may reduce the time available for studying? Debate your point of view with students who hold a different opinion.

Q4. What are the major benefits of the wireless system over the previous wire line one? Do you think wire line systems will disappear from campuses one day? (Do some research on the topic.)

Q5. IVR systems are still popular. What advantages do they have over even older systems in which the reps mailed or faxed reports?

Q6. Summarize the advantages of the new system over the IVR one.

Q7. Draw the flow of information in the system.

Q8. The existing technology enables transmission of data any time an employee can access the Internet with a wire line. Technically, the system can be enhanced so that the data can be sent wirelessly from any location as soon as they are entered. Would you recommend a wireless system to Maybelline? Why or why not?

Q9. What were the drivers of SPRS?

Q10. How did the data warehouse solve Sears’s problems?

Q11. Why was it beneficial to integrate the customers’ data-base with SPRS?

Q12. How could RFID change Sears’s operations?

Q13. Explain why the old, nonintegrated functional system created problems for the company. Be specific.

Q14. The new system cost several millions dollars. Why, in your opinion, was it necessary to install it?

Q15. Lawson Software Smart Notification Software ( is being considered by Dollar General. Find information about the software and write an opinion for adopting or rejection.

Q16. Another new product of Lawson is Service Automation. Would you recommend it to Dollar General? Why or why not?

Q17. Why do airlines need optimization systems for crew scheduling?

Q18. What role can experts’ knowledge play in this case?

Q19. What are the similarities between the systems in Singapore and Malaysia?

Q20. The airlines use ADSs for their pricing strategy (pricing and yield optimization). Can they use an ADS for crew management? Why or why not?


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