ICMIND – Human Resource management What are the key drivers of globalization? What are RDEs and what is the role played by RDEs in globalization? Discuss the impact of globalization

What are the key drivers of globalization

Human Resource management


CASE 01: GLOBAL Human Resource management at coca-cola

Q1. What are the key drivers of globalization?

Q2. What are RDEs and what is the role played by RDEs in globalization?

Q3. Discuss the impact of globalization on child labor. Why is this predominant in the emerging economics?

Q4. How has the woman benefited from globalization trends?

Q5. How has the Indian organization been impacted by globalization?

CASE 02: Waiting in New Delhi

Q1. Discuss briefly the four cultural predispositions MNCs tend to have towards managing things in a global context.

Q2. What are some challenges faced in communicating across cultures?

Q3. Draw and describe the phases of cultural adjustment that an expatriate experiences during the first move to a hose country.

Q4. Discuss Geert Hofstede’s cultural dimensions that enable an understanding of cultures across countries

Q5. How does an organization ensure effective group / interpersonal behavior in an international environment?

Q6. Discuss Trompernaar’s framework of cultural dimensions.

Q7. Describe Globe Projects’ leadership dimensions.

CASE 03: Human Resource Practices at Disney

Q1. How does this case help us appreciate the striking nature of how HRM is different in the domestic vs. the international context? (Discuss with reference to the theoretical framework provided in the chapter)

Q2. What organizational strategy is Disney practicing globally? Provide justification from the case / through independent research.

Q3. How does the nature of IHRM impact the organizational objectives of Disney operations world wide?

CASE 04: A steady in Corporate Foreign Expansion

Q1. Apply the six steps in the strategic HR process to understand the IHR challenges at Euro Disney.

Q2. Use the information in this case to discuss IHR as different from strategic IHR.

Q3. Discuss the ‘managerial basis’ for strategy implementation that you can gather from this case.

CASE 05: More problems than Solutions

Q1. What problems did the partnership bring to the partnering companies?

Q2. What strategies do you suggest to Renault make the deal successful.

Q3. Recollect the conversation cited in the beginning of this chapter. Do you think Mihir Desai would support the partnership between Renault and Nissan? Why or why not?

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