ICMIND – Leadership Would you classify Richard Branson as a manager or a Leader? What qualities distinguish him as one over the other? Q2. Followers are part of the leaders

Would you classify Richard Branson as a manager


Q1. Would you classify Richard Branson as a manager or a Leader? What qualities distinguish him as one over the other?

Q2. Followers are part of the leadership process – Describe the relationship between Branson and his followers.

Q3. Identify the Myths of leadership development that Richard Branson’s Success helps to disprove.

Q4. Consider Walt Disney’s effectiveness in terms of the three domains of leadership- the leader, the followers, and situation. For each domain name factors that contributed to Disney’s success.

Q5. Now think about Michael Eisner’s Leadership effectiveness. Name factors within the three domains of leadership that might be responsible for controversy surrounding Eisner’s success and then ultimate failure and removal as Disney’s CEO.

Q6. What are the major skills Jovita Carranza has demonstrated in her career at UPS that have made her a successful leader?

Q7. Consider the spiral of experience that Jovita Carranza has travelled. How has her experience affected her ability as a leader?

Q8. List out the characteristics of successful leaders. How many of this is demonstrated by Jovita Carranza?

Q9. As we have discussed, competency models describe the behaviors and skills manager need to exhibit if any organization is to be successful. Consider the general competencies found in figure 8.3 and apply these to Andra Rush, providing example of why these competencies apply.

Q10. Mentoring has played a role in the careers of many successful minorities in leadership positions. Who could be identified as a coach or mentor for Andra Rush?

Q11. Consider some of the self-defeating behaviors outlines in this chapter that contribute to management derailment. What lessons has Andra Rush obviously learned from the failure of others?

Q12. Like many leader, Marco has team in place and does not have the luxury of building a new team from the ground up to adapt to the changing business environment his firm is face with, Use the TLM to help Marco diagnose the problems faced by the firm and identify leverage points for change.

a) Consider the major functions of the TLM—input process and output where do most of the firm’s   challenges fall?

b) What are the team’s goals for outputs?

Q13. Identify potential resources for Marco and his team in implementing a strategy to change the way they do business at Hernandez & Associates.

Q14. Would you classify Bill Gates as a charismatic or transformational leader? Why?

Q15. Consider followers/employees of gates. What are some of the unique characteristics of Gate’s followers that might identify him as a charismatic or transformation

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