How Bose Corporation focused on the upper strata of customers

Marketing Management

 How Bose Corporation focused on the upper strata of customers

Case Studies

CASE STUDY (20 Marks)

Bose Corporation (Bose), the manufacturer of audio systems was ranked as the most trusted consumer brand among the 22 distinguished technology companies in 2006. Bose topped the list, ahead of Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Intel and Sony. From its inception, Bose had focused on the quality of the product and laid its emphasis on research and development. Moreover, the speakers produced by Bose used an innovative technology that could be controlled automatically. Apart from being the most trusted brand, Bose had been recognized as the strongest brand in the car audio segment for the fourth consecutive year in the US, in 2006. Customers associated Bose with high brand image and so the question was that whether the company would maintain its existing brand image among the consumers or would go for innovative products to counter its competitors. The case gives an insight to Bose’s background from its very inception. It also gives an overview of the making of Bose as a powerful brand.

Answer the following question.


Q1. Discuss about the history and growth of Bose Corporation


Q2. How Bose Corporation focused on the upper strata of customers.


Q3. Analyze the making of Bose as a powerful brand.


Q4. Assess how Bose generated trust among the consumers.



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