Hospital Administration- What do you mean by Emergency Department Planning? How would you explain the managerial issues in Emergency department Medical Audit

What do you mean by Emergency Department

Hospital Administration


Multiple forms:

Q1. Low growth low market share products are termed as___________

a. Stars

b. Cash cows

c. Dogs

d. None

Q2. To improve organizational performance „Alfred Sloan‟ introduced „3S term‟ as doctrine of strategy, structure and?

a. System

b. Solution

c. Share

d. None

Q3. Overburdening may occur due to too many group members seeking out an individual for information and assistance, a solution to such problem is_____________

a. Linear organization

b. Circular organization

c. Elliptical organization

d. None

Q4. NHS stands for_________________

Q5. ICU in medication stands for Internal cure union.(T/F)

Q6. There are 4 levels of strategic consensus that have been identified among the managers, one level in which managers are informed about the strategy but they are not willing to act is called___________

a. Blind devotion

b. Informed scepticism

c. Weak consensus

d. None

Q7. OCB stands for Organization citizenship behavior.(T/F)

Q8. BPR stands business process re enforcement.(T/F)

Q9. The best way to avoid conflict and there by preserve relationship with in the health care organization is____________

a. Spiral of silence

b. Web of solution

c. Web of solution

d. None

Q10. IPE stands for inter disciplinary education.(T/F)

Part Two:

Q1. Discuss the Managerial issues in Disaster Management?

Q2. What do you understand by the Outpatient Department (OPD)?

Q3. Write a short note on Quality Assurance in a Hospital?

Q4. Briefly describe the importance and functions of Housekeeping department in the Hospital?

Q5. Why according to you Artefacts are essential for the development of an organization‟s culture?

Q6. Elaborate the cultural beliefs of your company?

Q7. Why there is a need of change?

Q8. With reference to your company, what changes you prefer?

Q9. What do you mean by Emergency Department Planning? How would you explain the managerial issues in Emergency department?

Q10. Write a short note on the following terms:

a) Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)

b) Total Quality Management in Health Care

c) Medical Audit and its Administration



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