Hospital Administration 1- Outline the reasons as to why hospital administration can only be taught by doctors. Present a counter analysis to oppose this point of view. b) On what

Outline the reasons as to why hospital administration

Hospital Administration 1



Case I

Hospital administration – root of the problem.

Q1.a) Outline the reasons as to why hospital administration can only be taught by doctors. Present a counter analysis to oppose this point of view.

b) On what fronts do various institutions compromise while designing hospital administration courses? What are the steps you may take to ensure a wholesome teaching for the hospital administration course?

c)What do you mean by Hospital? Focus on the significance of the role played by a Hospital Administrator in a Hospital.


Indian Healthcare System

Q2. 1. Discuss in detail the difference in Private Hospital and Government Hospital from the aspects of

a) Functioning

b) MIS Maintenance

c) Purview of Consumer Act

d) Speed of Service

e) Accountability towards the patient.

2) What are the types of hospitals? Critically examine the present National Health Policy and its impact on the private healthcare industry in India.


Life saving a priority or secondary?

a) What are the issues that influence a Doctor’s decision in accepting/rejecting any MLC and treating the patient?

b)“ The psychological variables considerably influence the behavioral profile.” Discuss this statement in the context of above article.

c) Departmental relationships influence patient care. Outline the departmental relationship issues and discuss related dimensions such as conflict, insensitiveness, support of management, fear etc.

d) Discuss the process of selection and post selection processes to be followed by a hospital manager in selecting quality people.


Essential for Success – Training in Hospitals

a) Training and development is a marriage between medical training and service training. Comment on this statement and critically analyze it.

b) Identify the challenges faced in running a hospital while maintaining the motivation level and competitiveness of the staff.

c) What are the different training methods employed by different hospitals. How does performance audit contribute to assessment of a training programme?

Compulsory Questions:

a) What do you mean by Hospital Financing? What do you mean by break – even analysis?

b) Explain the meaning of Project Planning.

c) Discuss the different considerations to be given due weightage while preparing feasibility report of a project.



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Outline the reasons as to why hospital administration

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Outline the reasons as to why hospital administration