Global Marketing Management-What are the implications of tariffs in the Global Marketing? Q2. Write a short note on “Diffusion Theory”. Q3. Discuss the concept of competitive

 Global Marketing Management


Part One:

Q1. All the ethnocentric orientations are collectively called______________

Q2. Which of the following comes under benefits of Global marketing?

a. Endurance

b. Sales Promotion

c. Diversification

d. All of the above

Q3. The Polycentric orientation is the opposite of ethnocentrism. (T/F)

Q4. NAFTA stands for____________

Q5. ______________refers to the ability of the product and the company from that of the competitors

a. Positioning

b. Differentiation

c. Customer value

d. None

Q6. CAT stands for _______________

Q7. Cave dwellers are______________

Q8. LIFO stands for life in fire option.(T/F)

Q9. Starbursts are _______________

Q10. _____________is an advantage over competitors gained by offering consumers greater value

Part Two:

Q1. What are the implications of tariffs in the Global Marketing?

Q2. Write a short note on “Diffusion Theory”.

Q3. Discuss the concept of competitive marketing strategies.

Q4. Discuss the importance of marketing mix.


Caselet 1

Q1. What are the indicators of global competitiveness? Discuss the new tools to determine global competitiveness.

Caselet 2

Q1. Discuss the provisions of world Trade Organization (WTO). What are implications of WTO, agreements on international business?

Q2. By marketing in a foreign country must a firm automatically utilize geographic segmentation or some other segmentation basis discuss.

Q3. Distinguish between direct and indirect selling channels. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?



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