General Management Answer Sheet-Would you be interested in working for Infosys

Would you be interested in working for Infosys

Case 1 Reengineering the Business Process at Proctor & Gamble


1)  The reengineering efforts of P&G focused on the business process system. Do you think other processes, such as the human system, or other managerial policies need to be considered in a process redesign?

2)  What do you think was the reaction of the brand managers, who may have worked under the old system for many years, when the category management structure was installed?

3) As a consultant, would you have recommended a top-down or a bottom-up approach, or both, to process redesign and organizational change?

Case 2: GM: General Motors, Generous Motors, Government Motors


  1. What should GM do after the bankruptcy?

  2. What are the governmental demands by the Obama administration?

  3. If GM can produce a competitively priced car (less in price than comparable cars), would you buy one? Why or why not?

Case 3: How the Lexus Was Born—and Continued Its Success in the United States, but will Lexus Succeed in Japan?


  1. Could U.S. manufacturers apply the same approach as Toyota to build such a car? Why or why not? What might be some obstacles?

  2. Do you think that the Lexus can obtain an image similar to that of the BMW and Mercedes cars?

  3. Prepare a profile of the potential buyer of the Lexus.

  4. What should Mercedes and BMW do to counteract the Japanese threat in the United States and Europe?

  5. Why has the Lexus model been very successful in the U.S. but has not been marketed in Japan? (Suggestion: Review the frequency of repair records of luxury cars. Also talk to Lexus dealers or Lexus owners).

  6. Do you think Lexus will succeed in Japan? Why or Why not?

Case 4: Recruiting Talents at Infosys


  1. People are the key to success of enterprises. Address the recruitment efforts for finding and recruiting talents at Infosys.

  2. Would you be interested in working for Infosys operating in many diverse businesses or would you prefer to become an entrepreneur working for a relative or establishing your own business?

  3. List the advantages and disadvantages in working for a company like Infosys or being an entrepreneur.

Case 5:–America’s Biggest Online Retailer


  1. Why was Amazon successful?

  2. Would you buy an item on Why or why not?

  3. Do you prefer reading a book, including a textbook, on the Kindle or do you prefer the printed text? Give your reasons.

  4. Do you think that the Kindle Fire tablet computer is a challenge to Apple’s iPad? Why or why not?




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