General Management 5- What are the barriers to entry into the pharmaceutical industry? To what extent do you think these entries barriers protect established pharmaceutical

What are the barriers to entry

 General Management 5



Q1. What are the barriers to entry into the pharmaceutical industry? To what extent do you think these entries barriers protect established pharmaceutical companies from new competitors?

Q2. The pharmaceutical industry has long been one of the most profitable in the United States. Why do you think this is the case?

Q3. What forces in the general environment influence the nature of competition in the task environment facing pharmaceutical firms?

Q4. How have lower development and tooling costs given Japanese auto manufacturers an advantage in the marketplace?

Q5. What steps are the Detroit automobile makers taking to reduce product development time and tooling costs? If they are successful, what are the implications of these initiatives for the number of car models they can sell and breakeven volumes for individual models? Will these initiatives benefit Detroit’s customers? How?

Q6. The Japanese producers have for years used many of the methodologies now being introduced in Detroit. Why do you think it has taken the Detroit automakers so long to respond to their foreign competitors?

Q7. What kind of control system does Lincoln Electric rely on to generate high employee productivity?

Q8. Can you think of any possible unintended consequences of an incentive pay system based on piecework? How does Lincoln guard against these unintended consequences?

Q9. Do Lincoln’s control systems match the strategy of the enterprise? How?

Q10. From a power perspective, what do you think explains the rise of Mike Sears to the CEO position at Boeing? What were the sources of his power?

Q11. Once he became CFO, what did Mike Sears do to consolidate his power base at Boeing? What sources of power was he trying to accumulate? What was he trying to do with this power

Q12. What do you think about the ethics of Sear’s actions? Does the fall of Mike Sears prove that power tends to corrupt?

Q13. What does the case tell you about the nature of internal organizational politics at Boeing during this period? As incoming CEO, would you see this as a problem? If so, how would you deal with it?

Q14. Do you think that power is more important in an organization like Boeing than in one that has less politics? Why?

Q15. Use your knowledge of emotions and attitudes to explain why the LINK650 employees were dissatisfied with their work.

Q16. Identify the various ways in which employees expressed their job dissatisfaction on the LINK650.

Q17. Shaun O’Neill commitment to the LINK organization dwindled over his two years of employment. Discuss the factors that affected his organizational commitment.


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