Fashion and the Consumer- On the basis of the above Caselet describe the success of the Benetton’s Supply Chain Management in today’s scenario . Explain the fashion service

On the basis of the above Caselet describe

Fashion and the Consumer


Multiple Choices:

Q1. The component in which consumers must buy and wear a style to make it a fashion

a. Style

b. Acceptance

c. Change

d. Taste

Q2. The people who have too much money to spend and also becomes slaves to designer brands are

a. Fashion Victims

b. Fashion Innovators

c. Fashion Motivators

d. Fashion Followers

Q3. This style is usually less expensive than designer apparel

a. Contemporary Styling

b. Moderate Styling

c. Traditional Styling

d. Classic Styling

Q4. Polyester is an example of

a. Synthetic Fibers

b. Regenerated Cellulose Fibers

c. Man – Made Fibers

d. Natural fibers

Q5. This method is used to dye loose fabrics before yarn processing

a. Piece Dyeing

b. Cross Dyeing

c. Yarn Dyeing

d. Stock Dyeing

Q6. In this technique, a separate roller engraving is used for each color in the pattern.

a. Wet Printing

b. Digital Printing

c. Dry Printing

d. Engraved Printing

Q7. It is an Italian Fabric Fair that is held in March and October every year in Italy

a. Ideabiella

b. Eurotuch

c. Premiere Vision

d. Interstoff Asia

Q8. This lace is made in a Giant Web formed by linking chains of yarn

a. Barmen Lace

b. Raschel Knitted Lace

c. Leaver Lace

d. Venice Lace

Q9. It is a handbag in which both fabrics and leathers may be stitched by machine but, the closures must still be done by hand

a. Designer and Better Handbags

b. Luxury Handbags

c. Moderate and Inexpensive Handbags

d. Portable Handbags

Q10. A jewellery which is more trendy and utilizes metals, that imitate gold and silver is

a. Fine Jewellery

b. Bridge Jewellery

c. Costume Jewellery

d. Fashion Jewellery

Part Two:

Q1. Write a short note on ’Traditional Marketing chain’?

Q2. Differentiate between Collection Reports and Trend Reports?

Q3. Define ‘Trickle Down Theory’?

Q4. State the functions of Jobbers and Brokers?

Q5. What are ‘Hook – and – loop Fasteners?

Q6. List the contribution of Fashioners to the Fashion Industry?

Q7. On the basis of the above Caselet describe the success of the Benetton’s Supply Chain Management in today’s scenario?

Q8. What are the motives for Consumer Buying? Discuss the fashion categories.

Q9. How would you elaborate the Fashion Accessories?

Q10. Explain the fashion service and resource in detail?