Entrepreneurship management 1- Discuss in brief the importance of cottage and village industries in india.Q2. Write a short note on UTI,Q3. Write a short note on Cottage Industries.

Discuss in brief the importance of cottage

 Entrepreneurship management 1


Multiple Choices:

Q1. These entrepreneurs are very much sceptical in their approach in adopting or innovating new technology in their enterprise.

a. Adoptive or imitative entrepreneurs

b. Fabian entrepreneurs

c.Both (a) & (b)

d. None

Q2. These entrepreneurs are conservative or orthodox in outlook

a. Innovative entrepreneurs.

b. Drone entrepreneurs

c. Imitative entrepreneurs

d. None

Q3. Entrepreneurs primarily involve themselves in Research & Development activities.

a. Active Partners

b. Solo Operators

c. Inventors

d. None

Q4. SWOT stands for_____________

Q5. Which of the following comes under negotiable instruments?

a. Promissory Note

b. Bills of Exchange

c. Cheque

d. All of the above

Q6. Industrial Dispute Act passed in____________

a. 1948

b. 1947

c. 1920

d. 1950

Q7. KVIB stands for____________

a. Khadi and Village Industries Board

b. Khadi and Village Industrial Bank

c. Khadi and Village Insurence Bank

d. None

Q8. NABARD stands for____________

Q9. IFCI stands for____________

Q10. IDBI is a subsidiary of

a. State bank of India

b. Reserve bank of India

c. PNB

d. None

Part Two:

Q1. Discuss in brief the importance of cottage and village industries in india.

Q2. Write a short note on UTI

Q3. Write a short note on Cottage Industries.

Q4. What do you mean by Venture Capital?

Q5. How could Mahesh and Raja have avoided the problems that led to the end of their partnership?

Q6. Why is this situation a good example of the difficulty in maintaining partnerships between friends?

Q7. Is there a list of do‟s and don‟ts regarding employment of family members in a family business?

Q8. Amit has not got down to documenting a family employment policy yet. Help him frame one

Q9. Explain the meaning and objectives of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs) also discuss the role of government in organizing EDPs.

Q10. What are the economic factors affecting the development of entrepreneurship? Explain the social factors which govern the development of entrepreneurship.



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