Energy Management-What are the various substitutes adopted by government to prevent Environmental Pollution What are the advantages of the Acquisition of Energy

What are the various substitutes adopted

Energy Management


Part One:

Q1. The audit that focused on evaluating the energy consumption pattern is a:

a. Preliminary Audit

b. Sound Energy Audit

c. Detailed Audit

d. Efficiency Audit

Q2. Energy Crops are also known as _________________.

Q3. When plant matter is heated but not burnt to break into solid, liquid and gas is which type of convention:

a. Chemical Convention

b. Thermo chemical Convention

c. Biochemical Convention

d. Residual Convention

Q4. An example of a simple passive space heating technology is the ________________.

Q5. To make solar design effective which of the following is not followed?

a. A building should have large areas of glazing facing the sun.

b. Certain features should be adopted for equal distribution of heat throughout the building.

c. A building should be sufficient to allow heat storage.

d. A building should have proper landscaping to allow direct sun to the building.

Q6. It is the most common type of solar panel for full solar power systems:

a. Unframed Rigid Panels

b. Solar Roofing

c. Flexible Panels

d. Framed Rigid Panels

Q7. Low Peak Coincidence Factor is which of the following barrier for Solar Power Development

a. Market Related Barrier

b. Institutional Barrier

c. Economical & Technological Barrier

d. Ecological Barrier

Q8. LEED is a _________________________________.

Q9. ________________ is a semi – autonomous body within the OECD.

Q10. SRP stands for ______________________.

Part Two:

Q1. Write a short note on ‘Energy Consumption’.

Q2. Differentiate between Space Heating and Space Cooling.

Q3. Write a short note on ‘Crop Drying’.

Q4. What is a ‘Solar Thermal Program’?

Q5. Write a note on ‘Piecemeal Ratemaking.

Q6. What are the advantages of the Acquisition of Entergy Corp’s by Mississippi Public Service Commission?

Q7. Write a note on ‘Electricity Generation in India’.

Q8. What are the various substitutes adopted by government to prevent Environmental Pollution?

Q9. Write a note on the components of Energy sector.

Q10. What are the recent trends of Clean Energy?

Q11. What is Biomass? State the different kinds of Biomass.


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