Why Effective business communication skills are necessary for a manager

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Why Effective business communication skills are necessary for a manager

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Effective business communication skills are at the heart of every organization. Multiple studies have shown that poor communication between managers and their subordinates can result in catastrophic outcomes for both the organization and the individuals. This is why as a manager; communication is the next most important thing after establishing your goals and milestones. Improving these skills and enabling good communication helps speed up projects, increase faster deliverables, produces excellent results and boosts employee morale. When people have a clear picture of their tasks and job descriptions, it is often easy for them to meet set targets and goals. Unfortunately, some managers are not very good at communicating their ideas to their subordinates. The following are some tips that will help you become a better communicator in the workplace. The first major cause of friction and resentment in the workplace is unclear goals and unrealistic deadlines. Some supervisors and managers do this a lot and then wonder why their workers cannot get the job done. Unclear goals and unrealistic deadlines often starts a vicious negative cycle in the workplace: workers don’t do their jobs well, managers go into a tirade and punish workers, workers become demoralized and unproductive, managers threaten workers with job termination, creating a cycle of tension and mistrust. The best way to avoid all these is to be clear from the get go. This means clear directives, clear milestones and deadlines, listening to feedback or suggestions with an open mind and flexibility in strategies. This might be difficult if you have to write all these down, send out memos all the time or chase individuals down for an update. This is why you should use task management tools like Score to assign tasks, manage expectations, monitor productivity and track results among your subordinates. Team members can access the collaboration platform, upload deliverables, and check off

deadlines or completed milestones. Wherever you have a group of people, you are likely to experience friction. People may have opposing views, have to work with limited resources, disagree with each other on strategies and squabble over things as trivial as a jammed copier. Some of these issues will be minor and will subside within time. However, the major problems can often exacerbate to become major bottlenecks. This is why you need to create an open, safe, working environment.

Answer the following question.


Q1. Why Effective business communication skills are necessary for a manager? Elaborate.


Q2. How can you become a better communicator in the workplace? Discuss.

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Why Effective business communication skills are necessary for a manager


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