Have the doctors violated the Hippocratic Oath

Business Ethics

Have the doctors violated the Hippocratic Oath

CASE STUDY (20 Marks)

When lakhs of people of the quakehit region in a certain state in India were braving the biting cold under open skies, some 100odd resident doctors of a certain hospital went on a flash strike ignoring more than 70 critically injured quake victims for almost six hour. The hospital didn’t supply blankets or given medical treatment to the quake injured and other seriously ill patients as the angry doctors assembled in the hospital compound and chanted slogans, announcing a flash strike that lasted for about six hours. Apparently, a nurse, after locking the room where blankets for doctors were stored, had forgotten to deposit the keys with the hospital matron. On discovering that there might be no blankets for the night to ward off the chill in the special rooms where the doctors had been put up, the latter reportedly gheraoed the matron and the assistant matron and heaped on them the choicest of abuses for the mistake committed by the nurse. When the nurse protested against the abuses, the doctors reportedly demanded that the matron tender an unconditional apology, or else they would remain on strike. Nevertheless late in the night, on the day of thestrike, the dispute was amicably resolved and the doctors resumed duty. The issue was too minor for the doctors to lay aside all their responsibilities and go on a strike. Misbehavior of the doctors by striking just when they are most needed is indeed regrettable. A senior physician associated with the hospital has condemned the irresponsible behavior of the doctors.

Answer the following question.


Q1. Discuss the ethical issue in the above case


Q2. Give the remedies for the above problem.


Q3. Have the doctors violated the Hippocratic Oath? Explain.


Q4. Discuss the unethical issue in the above case.

Have the doctors violated the Hippocratic Oath


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