Distribution & Logistics Management- What is Containerization and also mention the main features of Containerization. Q2. What is Third Party Logistics? Q3. Differentiate between

What is Containerization and also mention

Distribution & Logistics Management


Multiple Choices:

Q1. It deals with the movement of finished goods from the last point of production to the point of consumption.

a. Marketing Channel Management

b. Logistics Management

c. Boundaries

d. Relationships

Q2. Which conflict is one of the major bottleneck in the development & maintenance of partnering channel relationship

a. Channel conflict

b. Management conflict

c. Logistics conflict

d. Distribution conflict

Q3. The phase of externally integrated business function era (1990s onwards) is recognized as the era of

a. Logistics Management

b. Human Resource Management

c. Financial Management

d. Supply Chain Management

Q4. ___________ may be conducted from time-to-time or at least once in a year to know about change in the expectation levels & actual performance

a.Customer Service Monitoring cell

b. Formal Customer Satisfaction Survey

c. Customer Conference

d. Customer Feedback System

Q5. The firm‟s incomplete or inaccurate knowledge of customer‟s service expectations is known as

a. Market Information Gap

b. Service Standards Gap

c. Service Performance Gap

d. Internal Communication Gap

Q6. This gap exist between the present level of customer service offered and the corporate vision about customer service

a.Gap 1

b. Gap 2

c. Gap 3

d. Gap 4

Q7.This stock refers to window display of an inventory in order to stimulate demand and act as a silent salesman

a. Decoupling stock

b. Psychic stock

c. Pipeline stock

d. None

Q8. This stock is also known as cycle or lot size stock

a. Working stock

b. Safety stock

c. Anticipation stock

d. None

Q9. In this system manufacturer is given the responsibility for monitoring & controlling inventory levels at the retail store level

a. Quick Response

b. Continuous Replenishment

c. Vendor-managed Inventory

d. Customer Relationship

Q10. This mode of transport is a very significant one but with a very restricted scope. It is used primarily for the shipment of liquid & gas

a. Airways

b. Railways

c. Pipelines

d. Seaways

 Part Two:

Q1. What is Containerization and also mention the main features of Containerization.

Q2. What is Third Party Logistics?

Q3. Differentiate between Public & Private Warehouse.

Q4. What is Logistics Information System?

Caselete 1

Q1. Based on information for the current years, is Kansas City the best location for a warehouse? If not, what are the coordinates for a better location? What cost improvement can be expected from the new location?

Q2. If by year 5 increases are expected of 25 percent in warehouse outbound transport rates and 15 percent in warehouse inbound rates, would your decision change about the warehouse location?



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What is Containerization and also mention

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What is Containerization and also mention