Discuss the need for top management to champion enterprise wide commitment

Operations Management

Discuss the need for top management to champion enterprise wide commitment

case study (20 Marks)

The case discusses the evolution of environmentally sustainable ‘Green IT’ practices at Wipro and its pursuit of ‘IT for Green’ as a big business opportunity. Responding to criticism from government and nongovernment agencies, Wipro introduced an electronic waste clearance service in 2006 for its customers. In June 2008, it unveiled an enterprise wide charter called eco eye to promote ecologically sustainable business practices. The eco eye blueprint embraced several goals to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint, manage its water and energy efficiently, develop new benchmarks in recycling waste, minimize the use of hazardous substances, and motivate employees to follow green practices in their professional and personal lives. Extending its greening mission to physical infrastructure, Wipro adhered to the LEED specifications developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Two of Wipro’s premises at Gurgaon (near Delhi) and Kochi in Kerala had been certified as green buildings by USGBC, with a Platinum rating for Gurgaon and a Gold rating for Kochi. typically, in any information technology organization, the data center is a storehouse of information but it is power hungry and is often criticized by environmentalists for its high energy consumption At the workstation level, Wipro introduced an enterprise wide policy to substitute CRT monitors with LCD monitors. Bringing in nearly 32,000 LCD monitors, Wipro realized an energy savings of 66 per cent per desktop. The scope of Wipro’s green initiatives included its internal infrastructure and operations; environment friendly products, green computing solutions, and take back services for its customers; as well as advocacy for e waste legislation.

Answer the following question.


Q1. Discuss the need for top management to champion enterprise wide commitment to environmental sustainability.


Q2. Explain the need for regulation in an emerging economy to create a level playing field on issues such as e waste.

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