Why it is difficult in most of the companies to audit IT spend



Why it is difficult in most of the companies to audit IT spend


CASE STUDY (20 Marks)

Whatever the size of your company, the greatest value comes by integrating your complete telecommunications portfolio with one vendor. And no company can offer the breadth of services, level of support, or innovative tools that CA can provide. Our industry leading Integrated Solutions are the choice of smart businesses nationwide. CA helps businesses rise above the status quo in the IT world. Most businesses are unable to audit their IT spend because they have no accurate inventory of their IT setup (phone lines, contracts, pricing, equipment, etc.), let alone by location. Businesses struggle with multiple carriers, service vendors, contract terms, and technology platforms, all of which adds unnecessary complexity, management burden, and costs. On top of it all, IT staff members are usually bogged down in the daily grind of break fix issues instead of being dedicated to forward looking projects for the business. With CA Communications as a strategic partner, life won’t ever be the same: CA conducts a comprehensive inventory review of every location and provides you with. No more guessing what your monthly spend is or what contracts are in place for each of your locations. No more blindly counting on vendors to bill you correctly. CA consolidates and aligns your telecom spending through consultation and sourcing. We provide expert help to determine what you have and what you need. We then, without bias, provide professional sourcing to vastly simplify your telecom setup while ensuring you receive the absolutely lowest prices on equipment or network service without sacrificing quality. With CA, all of your telecom contracts will leverage your total telecom expenditures and will be coterminous. CA proactively manages your IT system – we will monitor your environment and you will have one call to make to one company for any issues nationwide 24x7x365. No more waiting on hold for endless hours with a giant company or being burdened with service issues that are more cheaply outsourced. CA can also recommend the right array of managed services to ensure your IT system has the lowest total cost of ownership that is robust even in the face of rapid growth or a natural disaster.

Answer the following question.


Q1. Why it is difficult in most of the companies to audit IT spend? Discuss


Q2. What is proactive management? Explain

Why it is difficult in most of the companies to audit IT spend


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