Describe the ways in which international business has an impact on your life.

 International Management

Describe the ways in which international business has an impact on your life.

How to Win at Westinghouse (20 Marks)

Westinghouse founded the Westinghouse Electric Company in 1886, over 100 years ago. From the beginning, the hallmark of the company was one of entrepreneurship and creativity. By inventing a new for tr3nsmitting electric current over long distances, the firm penetrated the fledgling electric industry. Its aptitude for technological innovation led the firm into the development and creation of diverse products, from household appliances to watches to nuclear power equipment. The firm also demonstrated creative diversity, branching into such endeavours as radio station operations, softdrink bottling, and low income housing Today, the Westinghouse Corporation is organized into six operational groups broadcasting, commercial, electronics systems, energy and utility systems, financial services, and industries. As Westinghouse grew and began its expansion into foreign markets, it became apparent that the firm’s organisational structures and communication systems would have to be modernized to provide the flexibility demanded by overseas operations. Rigid procedures and red tape had to be eliminated, and ways had to be developed, by which key employees around the world could communicate with each other rapidly, so that their giant company could adequately react to changing conditions around the world. To meet this communication support challenge, Westinghouse established a changeresponsive high-tech communication network to support its farflung operations. A new commuter system allows employees at all levels of the corporation to communicate through decentralized support networks. Westinghouse employees from different divisions and different departments can linkup in order to share information around the world. The new support system, called the Westinghouse Information Network (WIN), links more than 600 Westinghouse facilities, providing both voice and data transmissions as well as an electronic mail system. Westinghouse employees can link WIN to their homes or to their laptops when travelling. WIN offers videoconferencing, which reduces or eliminates the need for costly and timeconsuming travel to meetings. WIN also contains an advanced negotiation system, called EDGE, which supports sales personnel during complex sales negotiations. Every working day, over 90000 Westinghouse employees utilize the WIN system, which provides the flexible online support that Westinghouse needs to expand its global enterprises.

Answer the following question.

Q1. Describe the ways in which international business has an impact on your life.

Q2. Pick an Indian corporation with which you are familiar and analyse the reasons why it might be motivated to expand its internationalism.

Q3. What sorts of adjustments might McDonald’s have to make in its operations in India?

Q4. What do you believe India must do to improve its international competitiveness?

Describe the ways in which international business has an impact on your life.


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