Describe total quality management (TQM)

Operations Management


Describe total quality management (TQM)


Answer the following question.

Q1. Describe total quality management (TQM). (10 marks)

Q2. What are the major decision areas in P/OM? (10 marks)

Q3.A Turkish manufacturing company operating a subsidiary in TRNC shows the following results: TURKEY TRNC Sales (in units) 100.000 20.000 Labour (hours) 20.000 15.000 Raw materials (in MU) 20.000 2.000 Capital Equipment (hrs) 60.000 5.000 a. Calculate single factor productivity figures of labour and capital for the parent and subsidiary. Do

the results seem misleading? b. Now compute multifactor labour and capital productivity figures. Are the results better? c. Finally, calculate raw material productivity figures. Explain why these figures might be greater in TRNC. (10 marks)

Q4. 4. A firm cleans chemical tank cars in the Bay Gazimagusa area. With standard equipment, the firm typically cleaned 60 chemical tank cars per month. They utilized 10 gallons of solvent, and two employees worked 20 days per month, 6 hours a day. The company decided to switch to a larger cleaning machine. Last February, they cleaned 60 tank cars in only 15 days. They utilized 12 gallons of solvent, and two employees worked 6 hours a day.

  1. What was their productivity with the standard equipment?

  2. What is their productivity with the larger machine?

  3. What is the change in productivity? (10 marks)

Q5. What is ISO9000 Series Standards? List key quality awards. (10 marks)

Q6. What are the major components of a production system? Give two examples. (10 marks)

Q7. A firm uses exponential smoothing with a very high value of alpha. What does this indicate with respect to the emphasis if placed on past data.

(10 marks)

Q8. Kleen Karpet cleaned 65 rugs in April, consuming the following resources: Labour: 520 hours at 13 MU/hour Solvent: 110 litres at 5 MU/litre Machine Rental: 20 days at 50 MU/day
a. What is the labour productivity?

  1. What is the multifactor productivity? (10 marks)

Describe total quality management (TQM)


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