Define the term ‘Geographic Market’


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Define the term ‘Geographic Market’


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Case (20 Marks)

The definition of a relevant geographic market has proven to be one of the most daunting components of a hospital merger case. Nonetheless some guiding principles are clear. The hypothetical monopolist test of the Merger Guidelines should be used to define geographic markets in hospital merger cases. The types of evidence used in all merger cases such as strategic planning documents of the merging parties and customer testimony and documents should also be used to delineale relevant geographic markets in hospital merger cases. The agencies believe that courts have given insufficient weight to payor testimony and documents in particular. The agencies encourage further research to determine the circumstances in which patients will travel to distant hospitals in response to price increases.

Answer the following question.

Q1. Define the term ‘Geographic Market’?

Q2. Define the term Merger and explain the guidelines of the Merger?

Q3. Describe the term ‘Payor Testimony’?

Q4. Patients willingness to travel – How far and why? Comment.

Case (20 Marks)

The preservation of the public health is among the most important goals of government. The enactment an enforcement of law, moreover, is a primary means with which government creates the conditions for people to lead healthier and safer lives. Law creates a mission for public health authorities, agencies their functions, and specifies the manner in which they may exercise their authority (Costin, Buris and Lazzanni 199). The law is a tool in public health work which is used to influence norms for healthy behaviour, identity and respond to health threats, and set & enforce health and safety standards. The most important social debates about public health take place in legal for a – legislatures, courts and administrative agencies and in the law’s language of rights, duties and justice. It is not exaggeration to say that “the field of public health …. Could not long exist in the manner in which we know it today except for this sound legal basis (Corad 1990.4).

Answer the following question.

Q1. Define the term Public health, explain in detail?

Q2. Describe the public health law in detail?

Q3. Which are the five characteristics to help distinguish public health law from the vast literature on law and medicine?

Q4. Describe public health ethics?

Case (20 Marks)

Physicians have historically been solo or small group practitioners, competing only with other such Practitioners in their particular product and geographic market. As the market for physician services has evolved and antitrust enforcement has addressed anticompetitive conduct, competition has emerged along multiple dimensions. IPAS and PHOs compete for physician – members and to contract with payors. The forms and modes of competition in the market for physician services will inevitably vary overtime as conditions and preferences change. Competition helps deliver an optimum mix of physician services at the lower cost and highest quality.

Answer the following question.

Q1. Describe the term ‘IPA’s?

Q2. Explain the IPS efficiencies?

Q3. Define the term ‘PHO’s?

Q4. Competition and the market for physicians services. Comment.

Case (20 Marks)

As per the Medical Council of India notification dated 11th March 2002 makes the following regulations relating to the professional conduct, etiquette and ethics, these regulations may be called the Indian Medical Council Regulations 2002, shall come into force on the date of their publication in the official Gazette. Notification contains the duties and responsibilities of the physician in general, duties of physicians to their patients, duties of physician in consultation, and Responsibilities of physicians to each other, and unethical acts. Each applicant at the time of making an application for registration under the above provisions of the Act, shall be provided a copy of declaration and shall submit a duly signed declaration as provided. The applicant shall also certify that he/she had

read and agreed to abide by the same.

Answer the following question.

Q1. Duties & Responsibilities of the physician in general explain in detail?

Q2. Explain the duties of Physicians to their patients?

Q3. Explain the duties of Physician in Consultation?

Q4. Describe the responsibilities of physicians to each other?


Define the term ‘Geographic Market’


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