Do the core values, really influence and have a impact on organizational development

Organizational Behaviour

Do the core values, really influence and have a impact on organizational development

CASE (20 Marks)

Tata Cummins Limited (TCL) is a 5050 joint venture between Tata Motors and Cummins Engine Co., Inc., USA. Tata Motors is the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India, and Cummins Engine Co. is the largest 200+ HP diesel engine manufacturer in the world. The Joint Venture was incorporated in October 1993 and commercial production commenced on January 1, 1996. The vision of TCL is to be widely acknowledged and benchmarked as one of the best companies in the world. The company, thus, abides by the following core values: ? Care for customers ? Obsession for quality ? Care deeply about people ? Do what’s right and not what’s convenient ? Guarantee product leadership ? Responsible citizenship ? Relentless improvement TCL is a QS 9000 company. TCL Jamshedpur boasts of state of theart, fully air conditioned diesel engine plant, with a computerized Building Management System for safety and energy conservation. The plant has five major components manufacturing lines for Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, Connecting Rod, Crankshaft & Camshaft, with the best measuring and gauging instruments to assure Consistent Quality. TCL has very strong systems and IT infrastructure for controlling and facilitating its operations. To further increase overall efficiency and visibility of information, Oracle Applications and a web based Supply Chain Management System have been implemented in June 2000. Products The low emission Diesel Engines manufactured by Tata Cummins are for use in a new generation of Tata Motors Ltd’s Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles. The engines conform to EUROI, EUROII & EUROIII standards for emissions. The 78 to 235 Horsepower engines have a high power to weight ratio and will enable Tata Motors Ltd. access new markets worldwide with its advantage of emissions, power, oil consumption and durability. Plant Tata Cummins has a modern manufacturing facility located adjacent to Tata Motors Ltd., designed by Kevin Roche, John Dinkeloo Associates of USA and C. P. Kukreja Associates of Delhi. The unique plant comprises a fully air conditioned 182 x 186 m building with precast concrete coffer roofing and 15 x 15 m bays. The North and South walls are of glazed curtain glass. Features such as a PLC controlled Fire Detection / Suppression System, Skylights and Building Management System ensures high levels of Safety and Energy efficiency. 5 | P a g e Organizational Strategy At Tata Cummins, the organizational strategy is designed by the leadership team which includes the top management and the department heads. The department goals are then formulated in accordance with the organizational goals. These goals are reflected in a document called ‘GoalTree’.The tree also contains the action plan, the schedule for achieving the goals, and the persons responsible for achieving them. As per the GoalTree, the three organizational goals for 2005 are: ?Grow Sales to 853 crores ? Improve PBIT by 10% over last year and achieve 25% ROANA ? Achieve and Sustain the respect of all Stake Holders The organizational goals are broken down to the strategies. The initiatives for implementing the strategies are then identified. The responsibility for implementing these initiatives is then assigned to respective departments. Further, the tentative deadlines are also reflected. The targets are reviewed quarterly.

Answer the following question.


Q1. Do the core values, really influence and have a impact on organizational development ?Explain.


Q2. Is organizational development depended internally on employees and externally influenced by customers? Discuss

Do the core values, really influence and have a impact on organizational development


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