Construction Technology-What are the causes of accident at construction sites?Q2. List the document required for actual project implementation.Q3. What are the activities

What are the causes of accident

Construction Technology


Multiple Choices:

Q1. Excavation carried out for construction of individual foundation and trenches is________

a. Sloped excavation

b. Bulk excavation

c. Confined excavation

d. Excavation in rocks

Q2. Which of the following is not the temporary exclusion of controlling ground water?

a. Sump pumping

b. Cofferdams

c. caissons

d. Well point system

Q3. Strength, water-tightness, abrasion resistance are the properties of_______

a. Plastic concrete

b. Hardened concrete

c. Both a & b

d. None of these

Q4. The welding which is not suited for fabrication work known as_________

a. Fusion welding

b. Friction welding

c. Flame welding

Metal arc welding

Q5. The most common heat sources used in industrial welding works is_______

a. Electric welding

b. Resistance heating at an interface

c. Flame welding

d. All of the above

Q6. Silicone-based paint may be applied to porous surface to prevent water penetrating the wall known as__________

a. Fungicides paint

b. Water-repellent paint

c. Waterproofing paint

d. Heat-resisting paint

Q7. Which one of the following provides color to painting films?

a. Binder

b. Pigments

c. Solvent

d. Additive

Q8. __________masonry composed of rectangular unit , usually larger in size than bricks and properly bonded having sawed, dressed, or squared beds- laid in mortar :

a. Rubble masonry

b. Ashlars masonry

c. Block-in-course masonry

d. Grouted masonry

Q9. RCC stands for ___________

Q10. WMM stands for ___________

Part Two:

Q1. What are the causes of accident at construction sites?

Q2. List the document required for actual project implementation.

Q3. What are the activities involved in plastering?

Q4. List the guidelines for storage of civil engineering construction material.

Q5. The cost-effective construction technologies would emerge as the most acceptable case of sustainable technologies in India. Comment

Q6. Explain what lessons are required to be learned from International experiences and its own past experiences in construction project.

Q7. Explain the construction of the „Euro Tunnel‟.

Q8. State the benefits of the construction of the „Euro Tunnel‟.

Q9. Define “Glazing”, Explain different kind of glasses used for glazing purpose?

Q10. What is meant by mechanical handling? List the important safety guidelines for mechanical handling.




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