Considering the significance, the institution of marriage holds in the life of an Indian

Online Matrimony Services in India

Considering the significance, the institution of marriage holds in the life of an Indian

The caselet deals with the evolution of online matrimonial services in India. Most of the companies offering matrimonial services initially focused on the field of match-making but they later started extending their service offering to include services like wedding planning, horoscope matching, etc. Unlike the traditional matchmaking operations, which were restricted to certain areas, the online matrimonial services have a pan Indian presence. This has given the online companies a competitive advantage that traditional companies have not been able to match. The caselet also mentions how dailies are finding it useful to go online when it comes to matrimonial advertisements.


  1. Evolution of online matrimonial services in India
  2. How online matrimonial services are used to balance family influences with individual aspirations

  3. Threats posed by online matrimonial services to the traditional media


Online matrimony services in India started in the late 1990s. By 2003, there were about 2000 online matrimonial websites in India. By 2005, the two leading players in the Indian online matrimonial market were and…  

Questions for Discussion:

  1. “Considering the significance, the institution of marriage holds in the life of an Indian, Internet matrimony was sure to be a winner.” What were the reasons behind the success of companies like and

  2. Newspapers like the Times of India and Hindustan Times have come up with online offerings, for the matrimonial ads placed in those newspapers. Discuss the reasons that prompted newspapers to enter the online matrimonial space.


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