Compensation Management-Discuss the terms ‘wages’ and ‘salary’. What factors determine the wage structure in an industrial enterprise? Q2. Define job design. Briefly

Discuss the terms ‘wages’

Compensation Management

Multiple Choices

Q1. A ________ is a hierarchy of jobs to which wage rates have been attached.

a. Wage Level

b. Wage Structure

c. Wage Index

d. Wage Policy

Q2. It is the wage which is above the minimum wage but below the living wage.

a. Basic wage

b. Overtime

c. Fair wage

d. Compensation

Q3. It is the process of minimizing the physical and perceptual loads imposed on people engaged in any type of work.

a. Motion Economy

b. Human Engineering

c. Value Analysis

d. Task Identity

Q4. It is the method which lists frequency of critical behaviors in an employee.

a. Performance Appraisal

b. Performance Matrix

c. 360 degree feedback

d. Management by Objectives

Q5. A map to illustrate behavioral parameters requires in competent performance is:

a. Competency Mapping

b. Balanced Score Card

c. Behavioral Observation Scale

d. Key Results Areas

Q6. In this type of team, team members are temporarily assigned some tasks to accomplish:

a. Cross functional Team

b. Hybrid team

c. Process Team

d. Parallel Team

Q7. The practice of comparing compensation with other competing to offer a competitive pay package to employees, is refer as:

a. Broadband Policy

b. Bench Marking

c. Retention Policy

d. None of the above

Q8. Any wage cost not directly connected with the employees’ productive effort, performance service, is called:

a. Allowances

b. Incentives

c. Fringe Benefits

d. Bonus

Q9. It is a company’s expenditure spent directly on employees excluding the cost of infrastructure:

a. Basic Salary

b. Cost to company

c. Allowances

d. Bonus

Q10. Strategy that provides overall guidelines for the organization is refer as:

a. HR Strategy

b. Functional strategy

c. Corporate strategy

d. Operational strategy

Part Two:

Q1. Discuss the terms ‘wages’ and ‘salary’. What factors determine the wage structure in an industrial enterprise?

Q2. Define job design. Briefly explain various technique of job design.

Q3. What is a balanced Score Card.? What are its different perspectives?

Q4. Write a short note on 360-degree performance feedback.

Q5. Study the case and provide an alternative compensation design, which would redress the problem faced by the two- wheeler major in Chennai.

Q6. Identify aspects of Denzel’s behavior that indicate that he was well-motivated.

Q7. Identify those actions taken by the Manager that helped to motivate Denzil.

Q8. What is compensation management? What goals or objectives does it follow?

Q9. What are some of the challenges which HR managers face in designing a compensation system?

Q10. What is a fringe benefit? Can it be made a part of an employee benefits plan?


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