BC Answer Sheet of KSBM-Was it impulsive of Rakesh to accept Mr Sharma’s

Was it impulsive of Rakesh to accept Mr Sharma’s

Case 1: Everest Textile Mills


  1. What conclusions do you think Sohan, the new assistant engineer, and the mill’s employees reached about each other on the basis of non-verbal clues?

  2. It seems that Mr Kashiramka, the owner of the mill, was not sure at the interview that Sohan, an urban, university-educated engineer, would be able to adjust to the rural mill work environment and culture. Was he right? What could be the reason for this skepticism?

  1. Sohan does not respond or react to the workers’ non-verbal expressions of their attitude towards him. Would his approach have been more effective if it were supported by some verbal communication?

  2. Could this situation be avoided? If no, why? If yes, how?

Case 2:  Communication Breakdown At City Hospital


  1. Analyse the reasons for the spreading of rumours regarding the layoffs of the observation ward staff.

  2. Was it correct to include Lily Joe in the initial discussion meeting?

  3. Ideally, how should this situation have been handled?

Case 3: Intercultural Lessons From Crash


  1. Mention one area of sensitivity that you are not able to handle while dealing with people.

  2. Analyze a professional or personal experience that created cultural block in you.

Case 4: Farsighted Negotiation


  1. Discuss the strategy employed by Mr Roshan Lal Sharma to strengthen his position as the negotiator.

  2. Was it impulsive of Rakesh to accept Mr Sharma’s terms against the advice of the two dealers and his sons? Discuss.

  3. What do you learn about negotiation strategies from this case?

Case: 5  An Employment Interview


  1. Do you find Mr Sinha’s responses to the questios effective? Give reasons for your view on each answer given by Mr. Sinha.

  1. Write out the responses that you consider most effective to these questions.

  1. Mr Sinha has observed the norms of respectful and polite behavior, but do you think something went wrong in his case? Account for your general impression of Mr Sinha’s performance at the interview.



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