Aviation Maintenance Management List the steps to selecting a computer system for airline maintenance. Q2. What are the types of reliability in aviation industry? Q3. Write short

List the steps to selecting a computer system

 Aviation Maintenance Management


Multiple Choices:

Q1. A maintenance check performed approximately every month is known as

a. “C” check

b. “A” check

c. Visual check

d. None of these

Q2. JAA stands for ______..

Q3. Establish the rules and procedure for auditing maintenance & engineering facilities for adherence to safety policy is the responsibility of-:

a. Supervisor

b. Safety manager

c. Employee

d. Company

Q4. Several visual inspection tasks performed in a specific area of the aircraft is

a. Zonal inspection

b. Non-destructive inspection

c. destructive inspection

d. General visual inspection

Q5. The probability that an item will perform a required function under specified condition without failure is known as


b. Reliability programme

c. Redundancy programme

d. None of these

Q6. FAA stands for ______.

Q7. Which of the following is the type of documentation?

a. Regulatory documentation

b. Airline generated documentation

c. Manufacturer’s documentation

d. All of the above

Q8. Which of the following is the element of Reliability programme?

a. Data collection

b. Setting and adjusting alert level

c. Both a & b

d. None of these.

Q9. Hanger maintenance & line maintenance comes under

a. Technical maintenance

b. Aircraft maintenance

c. Shop maintenance

d. Material maintenance

Q10. What is the full form of TPPM:

a. Technical policies and procedure maintenance

b. Technical policies and procedure manual

c. Technical policies and procedure module

d. Technical policies and procedure material

Part Two:

Q1. List the steps to selecting a computer system for airline maintenance.

Q2. What are the types of reliability in aviation industry?

Q3. Write short note on ‘Maintenance overhaul shops’,

Q4. What is technical publication and list the function of technical publication?

Q5. What are the major plans for implementation to meet challenges of increasing air traffic and advancement in technology?

Q6. Which types of restrictions were present in the development of tourism in the beginning of liberalization?

Q7. What is the current status of available total airports in India?

Q8. Which airports had recently been declared as international airport and also state the name of airports that had been identified for expansion.

Q9. What are the big problems faced by Indian airports, give suitable examples of these problem?

Q10. What suggestions were given by the Roy Paul Committee to overcome these problems? How these can be implemented?

Q11. Define line maintenance; and also explain the maintenance control center responsibilities?

Q12. Explain goals and objectives of maintenance in aviation”.



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