ARCHITECTURE MANAGEMENT Answer Sheet-Explain the role of the suppliers in developing

Explain the role of the suppliers in developing



Case Study No:1

The labeling & Making of goods has a long history & the use of marks to indicate, the source of a particular item can be traced book many countries before Christ. In 1888 however an English novelist wrote” Poison that is bought at a drug store usually has a label on the bottle.

Q 1) Define the term Labels?

Q 2) Explain the types of Labels?

Q 3) Explain the term ‘Cold Glue’?

Q 4) Explain in detail the four factors that determine the efficiency of applying labels to containers?

Case study No:2

One of the earliest packaging materials & one that is still very useful, is wood in its various forms. Although it is used less frequently as other more sophisticated materials are substituted, it still has an important place industrial packaging for heavy or fragile items that require rigidity & strength.

Q 1) Explain the characteristics of wood?

Q 2) Define the advantage & disadvantage of the same?

Q 3) Define the term ‘ Nailed Boxes’ ?

Q 4) Define the term ‘ CRATES’?

Case Study No 3

Our economy is a complex structure with many facets & the importance of packaging with in this system is becoming increasingly insignificant The growth of packaging has outrun the technology needed for orderly progress & development.


Packaging has roots in nearly all the different departments of an organization.

Q1) Define the importance of the packaging?

Q 2) Explain the scope of the packaging?

Q 3) Explain the term ‘Contract Packagers’?

Q 4) Explain the role of the suppliers in developing & producing packaging components?

Case Study No:4


The Smallest part of a package & often the most critical, is usually the closure the security of the whole assembly & the integrity of the contents are dependent upon the Cap or tie or whatever is used to complete the package not only must the closure remain intact throughout all the hazards of assembly, storage, handling & shipping, but it must

Q 2) Explain the term ‘ Screw Caps’?

Q 3) Explain the term Child-Resistant Caps?

Q 4) Explain the term Cap Liners?


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