Architectural Management Answer Sheet-You are entrusted with evaluating a building

You are entrusted with evaluating a building

Architectural Management


Attempt all questions:


  1. By collecting the information from the relevant and authenticated sources, make a report

on the


  1. a) Sustainable development

  2. b) Conservation

  3. c) Schemes for slum area improvement

  4. d) Traffic control systems in India in comparison with foreign country.

  5. e) Road transport and Rail transport schemes for city transport and compare them.

  6. f) Parking problems

  1. You are entrusted with evaluating a building as a “Complete System”. How would you

do this effectively. You may hold interviews of builders/owners of shops and office

premises and other customers regarding achievements and problems.

  1. Carry out a critical study of the Architectural pattern of

  2. a) 19th Century

  3. b) 20th Century

  4. c) Early 21st Century

Based on your study, project your opinions and suggestions for further development.

  1. You will agree that all about urban planning and landscape is equally true for rural

design and landscape. However, the scale is different, cost of the land is less, size of

the plot is bigger and with the closeness of nature, achievement is comparatively easy.

What is important is the approach.

Keeping in mind that every village to be developed into a mini town with aesthetic

landscape, what would be your approach in order to achieve the desired level as stated


  1. Case Study of a House

Issues to be Addressed :

  1. Study all details shown in the plan, the axonometric view and orientation, and comment on the total planning.

  2. Find out the total plinth area by preparing working drawings.

  3. State various measures proposed to achieve economy in cost.

  4. Give a thought to solar system for heating water, landscaping treatments, and plan’s

Usefulness for farm house.

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