A manufacturing company was importing raw material for production

Human Resource Management

A manufacturing company was importing raw material for production

Case Studies

Case (20 Marks)

A well-known financial house started an Industrial unit using new technology under the name Royal Electronics Company. Their system of Management in general was of the old type where everything was centralized on a personal level. However, in case of new company, due to various factors like distance, time etc., the industry was allowed to develop on autonomous lines and was put in charge of U.K. trained Engineer. Considering the various aspects, the industry was developing well. But due to the lack of adequate attention to labor and industrial relations, a strike developed. It generated tensions and fears among the executives left jobs including Labor officer who felt insecure due to vacillation and interference from top management. Finally the strike was resolved. But some workers were still under charge sheets. Their cases had been conducted by the new Labor Officer who had joined at the height of strike one day the factory manager received a call from the managing Director to dismiss the Labor Officer immediately. He solicited reasons at least to justify his action, but of no avail. In fact the Managing Director came personally, went to the Labor Officer directly and gave him the dismissal letter. The Labor officer was appointed by the Factory Manager and so went to him but the Manager could do nothing now.

Answer the following question.


Q1. Analyze the factors that led to a breakdown of industrial relations in the Royal Electronics Company


Q2. How should the cases of charge sheeted employees be dealt with?


Q3. What course of action will you suggest for the factory manager?


Q4. As a Labor Officer what would be your steps after receiving the letter of dismissal from the Managing Director.

A manufacturing company was importing

CASE STUDY (20 Marks)

After college graduation, Ramji Modi went to work for his father Jairamji Modi, who was the owner of the company which he started for manufacture of auto components. The company was started by his grandfather some 60 years back. With his grandfather’s experience of nearly twenty years and his father’s rich experience and knowledge of auto components and how to buy and sell them, the company graduated from single unit in Bangalore to Ten Units profitable company. Ramji like his father knew what he was doing and how well he was doing it, and took pride himself and being able to keeps his hands on details of buying, advertising, and inventory management. All his managers met once in fortnight at the head office. His father also used to visit all the units and units in between the fortnightly meetings. He had a reason to worry that was communication and motivation. Although the managers listened attentively nodded their heads in agreement but later their actions were different, no wonder he started wondering whether they heeded to his advice. He subsequently heard that the employees did not know the goals of the company and wished to be communicated the goals through the executives, he felt the executive routinely doing their job and without any application of mind or imagination or zeal. Another trouble he had was his managers quit the job and joined the competitors for better pay. So Mr.Jairamj told his son that his primary concern was the communication and motivation. Since his son did some course in management and felt that his knowledge could be applied here and asked him to put his knowledge and techniques in practice. Mr.Jairamji (father) felt that money, good bosses and good place to work were the prime motivators. He asked his son whether he has any suggestions to make to improve working and communication methods.

Answer the following question.


Q1. How should the son go about analyzing the communication problem and what difficulties do you see from the case?


Q2. Suggest ways that the motivation and communication theories studied by the son in B School could be put to use?

A manufacturing company was importing

CASE STUDY (20 Marks)

Patel Mills manufactures woolen clothes. Over the years, it has earned an envious reputation in the market. People associate Patel Mills with high quality woolen garments. Most of the existing employees had joined the company long back and are nearing retirement stage. The process of replacing these old employees with younger ones, drawn from the nearby arrears, has already begun. Recently, the quality of the garments has deteriorated considerably. Though the company employs the best material that is available, the workmanship has gone down. Consequently, the company stands, in the surrounding areas to a great extent. The company stands, in the eyes of general public, depreciated and devalued. The production manager, in a frantic bid to recover lost ground, held several meetings with his staff but all in vain. The problem of course, has its roots in the production department itself. The young workers have started resisting the bureaucratic rules and regulations vehemently. The hatred against regimentation vehemently. The hatred against regimentation and tight control is total. The old workers, on the verge of retirement, say that conditions have changed considerably in recent years. In the days gone by, they say, they were guided by a process of self-control in place of bureaucratic control. Each worker did his work diligently and honestly under the old set up. In an attempt to restructure the organizational set up, the managers who have the new contract, had very little freedom in the workplace. They are expected to bend their will to rules and regulations. Witnessing the difference between the two ‘cultures’, the young workers, naturally, began to oppose the regulatory mechanism devised by top management. The pent up feelings of frustration and resentment against management, like a gathering storm, have resulted in volcanic eruptions leading to violent arguments between young workers and

foremen on the shop-floor. In the process, production has suffered, both quantitatively and qualitatively. The production manager in an attempt to weather out the storm is seriously thinking of bringing about a radical change in the control process that is prevailing now, in the organization.

Answer the following question.


Q1. How do you evaluate the worker’s appraisal in the case?


Q2. Do you suggest any techniques to avert politics / subjectivity creeping in the Process of performance?

A manufacturing company was importing

CASE STUDY (20 Marks)

A manufacturing company was importing raw material for production. The company was incurring huge losses due to delay in import clearance of raw material as Custom had introduced a new system of clearance of imported cargo through EDI. Mr. Rajan, who was an old employee of the company, was the in charge of clearance team. He was very diligent, honest and an asset to the company. But somehow, he was reluctant to switch over to the electronics clearance system of customs. He firmly believed in custom clearances of stores through hard copies of Bill of entry. He was due for promotion. But his later performance was denying him the promotion. Company wanted to help him.

Answer the following question.


Q1. What may be the reason for adopting the same old procedure by Mr. Rajan.


Q2. Debate as a HR Manager, how will you help Rajan so he does not loose promotion?

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