A man of 50 years age has 8 son born at equal intervals

Quantitative Methods

A man of 50 years age has 8 son born at equal intervals

Q1………………………….is the series wherein each subsequent term starting from the first term is the result of the common difference from the preceding term.

Q2 List any three variations of assignment problem.

Q3. To use the Hungarian method, a profit-maximization assignment problem requires I). Convening all profits to opportunity losses 2). A dummy agent or tack. 3). Matrix expansion 4). Finding the maximum number of lines to cover all the irons in the reduced metric

Q4. The am of three numbers in AP is 15 and their product is 105. Two numbers out of these numbers at Mara 1). 1.5 2). 23 3). 5,3 4). 43que.

Q5. For the distribution. the individual with the highest score has a value : 1). X-35 2). X34 3). X% 4). awn be determined from the information given

Q6. The data car be numeric as well as non-numeric. (I Mad) I). TRUE 2). FALSE 3). Both 4). Nom

Q7.  Every objective function.0 required to be optimized that is it shook’ avulse the maximization or the minimization of objective problem I). TRUE 2). FALSI. 3). Roth 4). None

Q8 You are the Sales Manager mud um of your executive is requited to trawl n number of clues. You at required to determine a sequence in which he can trawl the cities with minimum expenditure. Which programming will you use? I). Integer programming 2). Goal programming 3) Dynamic programming 4). All the above

Q9 Queue management doesn’t makes use of the mathematical technique% TRUE 2). FALSE 3). Roth 4), None

Q10. Poison distribution is not applied in the management of Queue. I). TRUE 2). FAISE 3). Both 4). None

Section 0- Attempt am 5 Questions.

Q11. ra0.66. Find out (a) two regression lines. (b) Value of X wises’ Y•.-75

Q12. Find the chance of showing sum of the number equal to 10 with four dice?

Q13. Mention 5 functions of derivatives’

Q14. Mention 5 differences in mathematics and statistics?

Q15. Mention different types of forecasting?

Q16. How to solve integer programming problem’

Q17. Find for terms it AP whose sum is 44 and the sum of their squares is 504

Q18. A man of 50 years age has 8 son born at equal intervals. [he sum of the of the father at the S sons is known to be 186 years. Calculate the age of the olden son, if the youngest son ,s 3 sears did

A man of 50 years age

Section C Attempt any 3 Questions.

Q19. Explain the concept and importance of linear programming problem

Q20. What arc the various assumptions, classifications and the other terms and techniques which are applied when we deal with the application of mathematical tools and techniques in the Kane theory?

Q21. The monthly income of two persons are in the ratio 4:5 and then mouthy expenditures are in the ratio 779. 1 f eaten saves is 50 per month, find their monthly incomes.

Q22. Given the following results of the height and weight of 1000 students, the mean height is 170 cm, the mean weight is 75 kg. the standard deviation of the height and weight are 6 cm and 6 kg respectively r 0.6. amit weighs 50 kg, stinted is 1.5 in tall.  Estimate the height of Amit from his weight and the weight of sumit from his height

Q23. In a sample of 500 people from a village in rajasthan, 280 art found to be rice eaters and rest wheat eaters. Can we assume dun both the food articles arc equally popular?

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