A hand in the pocket is a positive gesture? 1). TRUF 2). FALSE

Business Communication

A hand in the pocket is a positive gesture? 1). TRUF 2). FALSE

Q1 Planning determinates organizational objective 1). TRUE 2). FALSE

Q2. A hand in the pocket is a positive gesture? 1). TRUF 2). FALSE

Q3.  ……………………Also communicates in different ways 1). Silence 2). Listening 3). Emotions 4). Thinking

Q4. One has to make serious efforts to become a good 1). Speaker 2). Interviewer 3). Listener 4). Communicator

Q5. Negotiation is a …………………process 1). Non continuous 2;. Continuous 3). Persuasive 4) Communicator

Q6. A confident self-introduction always makes ………………… first impression 1). Positive 2). Negative 3). Arrogant 4). Excellent

Q7. There are ……………….c’s which makes communication effective 1). Eight 2). Three 3). Seven 4). Nine

Q8. There are …………………………s’s of communication 1). Two 2). Three 3). Four 4). Five

Q9. All communication are based on relation 1). Emotional 2). Human 3). Psychological 4). Personal

Q10. In modern business a handshake is a due of friend deal 1). Verbal 2). Oral 3). Acknowledgement 4) Non verbal

Section B Answer any 5 questions. Each question carries 6 marks. (6,15=30 marks)

Q11. What are the main differences between formal and informal communication within ar organization’

Q12. Define the grapevine model of communication. What are the factors that may lead no grapevine?

Q13. What procedures should an organization take to control the spreading of rumor’s within an organization?

Q14. What is the difference between communication media and communication mode?

Q15. How to choose a night medium for your communication?

Q16. Explain the different modes of communication?

Q17. What is the importance of organizational communication?

Q18. What is the difference between business letters and memos?

Section C Answer any 3 questions. Each question carries 10 marks.

Q19. Discuss in detail the steps involved in the preparation of an interview

Q20. Discuss in detail the principles of extempore speaking

Q21. What do we mean by memorandum? Explain the different formats at memorandums

Q22. Discuss in detail of how communication is different in e-mail than other moats at communications

Q23 Discuss the various reading tactics and strategies in detail

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