2019 NMIMS READY ASSIGNMENTS – Globalization and the advent of Information and communication technologies have influenced substantial changes in forms of supply chain management. Discuss the need and importance of warehouse management.

Supply Chain Management

  1. Globalization and the advent of Information and communication technologies have influenced substantial changes in forms of supply chain management. Discuss the need and importance of warehouse management. Explain in detail the various types of technology that can be used to manage the warehouse operations with reference to a retailer like Reliance Trends, Pantaloons, etc. (10 Marks)
  2. Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) is a technological innovation tool that was first registered as a trademark by the Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards (VICS) Association (1998) and is defined as a web-based approach which can coordinate the diverse process of supply chain management including production and purchasing planning, demand forecasting. It is a collection of new business practices that leverage the internet and EDI in order to achieve two goals: radically reduce inventories and expenses while improving customer service. Give an example of a pharmaceutical company where the different phases of CPFR have been successfully adopted. (10 Marks)
  3. Over the past several decades, logistics activities have increasingly been sourced out to specialized third-party logistics providers (3PLs). In recent years, however, 3PLs have increasingly been challenged by new disruptive business models and digital technologies. For example, platforms such as Cargomatic and Uber Freight enable cost-efficient, real-time, on-demand arrangements of transports that cut into the domain of logistics services. E-commerce providers such as Amazon, which used to be a business partner to 3PLs, has started building up its own online-based logistics solutions. Similarly, vehicle manufacturers have started to leave their traditional business field and provide their own digitalized fleet management and mobility services, which used to be domains of 3PLs as well. As pointed out in a study by the consultancy company Oliver Wymann, logistics start-ups from the USA and Asia with high financing volumes are transforming the entire logistics industry. This puts significant pressure on traditional logistics markets such as Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands, with their established market players. Experience from other industries such as travel and retail shows that digital disruptions may change entire markets within a very short time. In the course of these changes, business models that have been dominant for decades are replaced by new ones.
 (Source: Hofmann, E., & Osterwalder, F. (2017). Third-party logistics providers in the digital age: Towards a new competitive arena? Logistics, 1(2))
  1. Highlight any two examples of third-party logistics providers (3PLs) startups in India and how have they transformed the ecommerce space. (5 Marks)
  2. How do these startup companies disrupt the already existing established domestic logistics players? (5 Marks)

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